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=========================================   Thursday, February 7, 2002
ROHP - Right Opportunity High Profit System - Trade Tuner System

Hello everyone,

This site is about winning.  There are many ways we can win.  We can win with a good gambling system and we can win if we invest our money wisely.  Well, this week I have a surprise for you, as we'll talk winning with both options.  Edmond Petitjean, the author of the great Relaxed Roulette System has two systems for you.  A winning one for gambling on even bets called ROHP or Right Opportunity High Profit system and a course for trading called TTS or Trade Tuner System.

I will let the author speak for himself and here is the way he describes ROHP and TTS:

ROHP stands for Right Opportunity High Profit.

The ROHP system is intended for roulette, baccarat and craps.

Personally I’m ONLY interested in WINNING and being PROFITABLE each time I enter a casino. That’s why it’s very important to play when the right opportunity is encountered.

This system is for patient and cool players that can wait and suddenly attack when the opportunity arises. Imagine yourself being a cat, patiently waiting for a mouse and being SURE to get it. That’s the kind of attitude you would have to make your own in order to be successful with this method.

And successful you WILL be.

You’ll only bet on the even chances. So in roulette you’ll bet on red/black, odd/even and high/low. In baccarat you’ll do the same for banker/player.
In craps you’ll only have to bet on pass/don’t pass.

As roulette gives you more opportunities to bet on at the same time, this will give you three times more chances to attack than the other games. That’s the reason I prefer to do it mainly on roulette.

Don’t worry about being able to follow three chances at once, because you’ll have plenty of time to do so. The system also comes with a special template, which reduces your bookkeeping to some quick and easy notes.

Once you become used to the idea of not having to bet on most of the spins, you’ll adapt a totally new and at first sight strange attitude for a gambler. You’ll enter a casino, keep an eye on preferably more than one table and take some notes regularly. After a while the system will suddenly tell you to get out of your "catnap" and to attack quickly and surely.

You won’t have to decide anything. You’ll only have to follow what will automatically appear on your notes.

As if all this isn’t strange enough, here comes maybe the most difficult part to swallow: your goal will be only 1 unit profit for the session!
You can go a little bit higher if things are developing quicker than expected, but the basic goal of one session is one unit profit, until the next opportunity is encountered.

If you’re still with me, please get used to this principle: you’ll win A LOT MORE by winning few but high units than by trying to win lots of low value units. A lot more in hard US Dollars to be clear and well understood.

When you are trying to win 100 units of 1 US Dollar during one visit to a casino, this will be extremely difficult and you’ll expose yourself to all the casino guns without any protection. You’ll have to bet way too much and too frequently, so that it will only be a matter of time to nail you down on the “losers floor”.

The more passive you become, the less exposure you’ll have.

Isn’t it so that when you enter a casino and you don’t play at all, that you won’t lose anything? Of course you won’t win anything neither. By using ROHP you won’t do much more than not playing at all, BUT you’ll have just enough activity to get out with the money you came for in the first place.

ROHP is therefore made only for disciplined and patient gamblers, who will come into a casino with a very clear goal in mind: winning 1 high value unit per session and getting out after a few sessions.

The system is made in such a way, that even a low capitalized gambler will be able to start with 100 US Dollar units. Imagine entering a casino and getting out after winning your 100 US Dollar unit. If you do this 20 times a month, you’ll already have a very respectable monthly income of 2000 US Dollars and this FROM THE START! Even if you only see this as an extra income source, it will be more than what LOTS of people are earning by doing a job. So doubling your income will be fairly easy thanks to ROHP.

To conclude you would have to decide for yourself if this is something for you or not. Do you have the necessary discipline and patience to strictly follow the system? Be honest with yourself and answer first this question. If you can’t cope with these two requirements, ROHP is not for you. If you can, stable and high profits will be yours.

The system is $60 delivered to you by email, $65 delivered by first class mail.  You can contact me any time by email at: if you have any questions, either before your purchase for inquiries, or after your purchase for continuous support.

Click to order.

Thank you,

Edmond Petitjean


Due to the nature of this information, a refund will only be accepted under strict conditions that follow below:

1)  the only accepted source for testing will be the Hamburg Casino: you can find all permanences of each day on the following website:

2)  once you’re on this website, you’ll take the most recent month and you’ll apply ROHP following all rules and starting from the first spin of each day until you get even or 1 point profit (then you stop for that day’s permanence)

3)  if this would create a total loss higher than 100 units over one month, you would be entitled to receive a full refund without any discussion

4)   you have two weeks starting from the day that you receive the method for doing your testing on this website: after that period, a refund is no longer possible

5)  there will be no exceptions to these set of rules

6)  by ordering ROHP, you’ll automatically agree with all above mentioned refund conditions

TTS - Trade Tuner System by Edmond Petitjean:

The Trade Tuner System is a brand new trading approach, that is derived from some old principles.

After 5 years of continuous trial and error, this system finally emerged from the ashes of lots of complex ways of trading.

Forget neural networks, forget a screen cluttered with lots of indicators,
forget the doubts arising when all these parameters contradict each other, leaving you drowned in doubts and uneasiness, unable to take a clear decision.

What is left now, is a very limited set of unambiguous rules that are easy to follow.

They can be applied to any market with the same efficiency and in the same way.

In that way trading becomes an enjoyable low stress activity.

Imagine sitting before your computer, looking at a graph during one minute and immediately knowing what to do or not to do.

A computer – although preferable – is even not absolutely necessary.
You could also visit some free websites that are offering interactive graphs.  There you could adapt some available indicators in order to get them in tune with this system and use them accordingly.  In that way you wouldn’t even have to keep a database of commodities and stocks and you could log in from everywhere in the world.

Combine this with online trading and you would be free to trade and use the system from wherever you are.
After going through the manual, you’ll feel relieved and ready to attack the market in a pleasant and relaxed way.


Money Management is a very important part of a successful trading system.

Although the TTS is highly accurate, it is a good policy to pay also enough attention to the correct use of your trading capital as explained.


There is more than one way to trade using this system.

You can trade stocks: it would be best to do this on a weekly scale.

Stock trading can be done in two ways:

-    straight buying and selling
-    trading on margin: this would double your profit

You can chose a higher risk level by using options.
The higher risk is compensated by a much higher profit potential.
If done correctly and by strictly following all the rules of TTS, the risk will also be largely mastered.

When trading options, you will ONLY buy calls and puts to open a position and sell calls and puts to close it.

By doing so, your total risk will always be limited to the premium you paid for your option.

Because the profit is much higher when trading options, you can chose a shorter time scale. Stocks are not the only underlying value for options.
You can also buy and sell options on indexes (S&P500, Dow Jones,…) and commodity futures (T-Bonds, soybeans, British pound,…).

When buying options on futures, you could even use a near ideal setup for generating huge profits with very low risk.

To do this you would buy options based on the weekly commodity graphs.


You can read this famous expression all over the internet and in all kinds of trading courses.

But what is meant exactly here?

How can you apply this?

All this is also fully explained in the course.

By obtaining TTS, you’ll become a real pro in and you’ll simplify your trading at the same time.

The course is $200 delivered to you by email; $205 delivered by first class mail.  Again, you can contact me any time by email at: if you have any questions, either before your purchase for inquiries, or after your purchase for continuous support.

Click to order.

Thank you,

Edmond Petitjean

The course in non-refundable.


1)  by buying either ROHP and/or TTS, you declare to use this knowledge ONLY and exclusively for yourself

2)  you also declare not to divulge this system in any way or by any means, be it through electronic or any other means.

Click to order.

Thank you.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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