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=========================================   Thursday, February 28, 2002
The Key System for Craps by Brad Hardesty

Hello everyone,

Finally, the system we have all been waiting for is here.  The new Key System for Craps by Brad Hardesty has beaten all the best famous tester books written for Craps.

I'm proud to present you Brad Hardesty who comes to you with the following letter:

"Dear friends and casino enthusiasts alike, 

My name is Brad Hardesty, and I have been actively involved in gambling and system research for over 17 years.  I have thoroughly investigated all forms of gambling, but the game of craps has consumed the majority of my research and playing career.  I have had more success at craps than any other casino game. 

2 ˝ years ago I discovered a new and unique approach to craps that produced regular wins in the casino.  The trial testing procedure and proving run in the casino was a lengthy endeavor, but the final reward was well worth the effort.  I was on the right track with my research.  My new crap system had sufficiently proven to be a consistent and overall winner, short and long-term.  

I am now proud to announce the release of a new and effective Don’t Pass method for craps that wins consistently short and long-term, and shows profit nearly from the beginning of use!   

Finally, after nearly a year of development and trial testing, after still yet another year and a half of playing in the casino, the fact is that it is truly real.  I am sorry that it took so long for me to prepare this offering.  I only hope that it is not too late for some reason.  I hope you understand that I just wanted to be completely satisfied that it was indeed a long-term winner and able to back up my claim. 

I simply call my new system “The Key”.  Appropriately named, it is the “key” to regularly beating the casino by winning at craps.  Let me tell you about all of the truly extraordinary accomplishments of this new and proven winning craps method.  
First of all, my new method beats the entire Crap System Tester cover to cover (35,097 rolls of the dice by Zumma Pub).  So far, no other legitimately playable crap system has ever been able to make this statement! 

Most of you are familiar with the Zumma system tester series for random games such as craps, baccarat, and roulette.  They provide a fast, safe, and accurate means of determining if a system will win or not before you risk any money in the casino.   It is an essential and valuable tool for any serious system player.  
My new system wins consistently throughout, and finishes the book an overall winner up on the plus side! This is the only crap system that I have ever seen beat the Zumma crap tester book in its entirety. 

I felt like I really had something big, but I did not want to stop the testing just yet.   So, the next large test that I tackled was against Crapshoot, another crap system tester by Huey Mahl with 53,706 rolls of the dice.  Most everyone is familiar with this crap system tester book too.  It has been around for a long time, and it was one of the first really large crap system testers to hit the market. 

Anyway, my new system performed just as it had done in the previous test.  Once again, it was a winner throughout the entire test book, and of course it finished ahead on the plus side.   I am not aware of any other existing crap system that can honestly boast of this achievement either.

I was almost in shock after beating a total of over 88,000 rolls of the dice and still being significantly ahead!  I then tested my new method against 72 Hours at the Crap Table (14,967 rolls of the dice).  Once again, the method came through an overall and consistent winner.  At this point I immediately began playing with the method in the casino.   It had already beaten 103,770 rolls of the dice in testing so far, and it showed no sign of letting up either.   

This system is based on  “flat bets” that simply win more times than they lose (approx. 53%).  This is a totally mechanical method.  There is no guesswork.  You will bet the same way every time you play.  It is easy to learn, understand, and put to use in the casino.  If you already know how to play craps, you will most likely be ready to use the method the same day that you receive the information.  The method is casino ready.   

All tables qualify, just grab a spot at any crap table and begin play.  You do not have to write anything down to play the method either.  As a result of the proven long-term winning performance, you can play as much or as little as you want to and still win!  

Drawdowns are seldom and very small when they do happen (generally under ten units).  A small bankroll of only twenty units is all that is needed to get you going.  You can start with small units and increase their size with the profits.  Or, you can take full advantage of the proven winning performance and immediately start playing with bigger units!

At the time of writing you this letter, I have been playing the method for a year and a half.  I am an overall winner and I have shown consistent profits almost from the very beginning.  I started with a $500 bankroll, and I am safely playing with large units that came from the profits.  

This is what we all have been eagerly searching for, but just never finding until now. The value of this information is “nothing short of priceless”. When you really think about long-term winning ability, it is probably even worth $10,000 or more.  There were many in the past that successfully charged as much for their material.  I did not want to exclude anyone from enjoying the profitability of having this information with such a high price. 

I am only asking $1000 for this incredibly valuable proprietary information.  That is a moderately small price to pay considering the power of what you will get in return for your money.

Your confidence in the method and positive proof of the performance that I claim is easy enough for you to obtain.  You do not have to just take my word when I say that it works.  You can easily prove it to yourself with any of the readily available crap system testers that I have mentioned in this letter. 

You will be amazed with the winning results that you obtain in any one (or all) of those books, and that is enough proof for anyone that my new system is indeed a real winner.   103,000+ rolls is enough testing, and as a result, here is a bold and unheard of before guarantee that I think will surely convince you.  I will double your money back if you can prove that my Key System (for craps) fails to beat any of the aforementioned crap system testers in their entirety, cover to cover.  No other has ever offered such an incredible guarantee to you before!

You can order the material at any time from this website and pay by using your credit card.  Or, you can order direct from me by simply obtaining a cashier’s check or money order for $1000 (one thousand) made payable to Brad Hardesty.  Send it to the P.O. Box 280284 Memphis, TN 38168, USA.  Orders should be shipped within 48 hours.     
 If you visit the casinos with any degree of regularity, you cannot afford to let this one get away from you.  Now you can have the opportunity to get your revenge on the casinos.  Start making regular visits to the cashier cage on your way out instead of just walking by it.  You can now start winning back the money that you have been losing to the casino for so long!  

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you are interested or have any additional questions.  Take advantage of email and drop me a quick line.  My email address is   and I usually check my email several times a day.  It will be no problem (and probably easier) for me to personally field any other questions that you may have via email. 

Many Thanks,

Brad Hardesty"

Gambling System Research
P.O. Box 280284 Memphis, TN 38168
Tel: 702-813-5911
Serving Las Vegas Nevada and Tunica Miss

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Thank you.

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Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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