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================================================    Friday, February 11, 2005
The Ideal System for All Even Bets by Izak Matatya

Hello everyone,

What can one expect from an ideal gambling system? 

-          There are no negative progressions, that either chase losses or escalate them

-          Winning streaks are taken advantage of to a full extent

-          One does not require a huge bankroll to apply the system

-          The system is flexible enough to be applicable to various games

-          The system is simple to learn and takes a short time to master

-          The system does not track for too many decisions before applying it

-          The set win target is reached with no difficulty

-          Profitable sessions are achieved consistently 

During the last few years of gambling systems development, I have found that the above 8 factors have been the players' requirements for an ideal system. 

Those factors are indeed very important.  And the “Ideal System for All Even Bets” achieves all of the above.  Those were the 8 goals that were targeted for the development of this ideal system. Those 8 factors were kept in mind at all times to obtain a system playable by all with minimum risk and high potential of making decent profits.

As the name implies, the Ideal System for All Even Bets is designed for even money bets paying 1:1, such as betting on Red or Black, Even or Odd, High or Low in Roulette,  Player or Banker in Baccarat, Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line in Craps, Small or Big in Sic-Bo.

The system is applicable to all those areas and it works equally well for all of them for all types of casinos, on-line, brick and mortar, live or electronic dealers, etc.

The most important feature of this system is that losses are totally controlled and winnings have no open end.   The largest losing streak will cost the player not more than 3 units.  And a winning streak is taken advantage of to its utmost.  As you keep winning, your profits escalate exponentially.   If you are caught in a losing streak, your highest bet on the table will never exceed 2 units.  If you are in the middle of a winning streak, your bets can go as high as the system requires as per its specifications.  That will put lots of chips in your pocket.

No matter which bet selection you use, you will have inevitable and unavoidable losing streaks and winning streaks.  The system handles both losing streaks and winning streaks most efficiently.  When you are in a losing streak, it doesn't let you bet more than the maximum you could lose (3 units per losing streak).  When you are on a winning streak, your profits jump to the sky.  The longer they continue, the more you profit, without being affected with an equivalent losing streak.

That, in itself, gives you a great advantage.  And this is within the basic system.  At the end of the document, you also receive an extra bonus system, where you bet on two opposing sides of an even bet, i.e. on Reds and Blacks at the same time.  You will see that in this mode, you win not only on both sides, but you make more profits than what you would have made if you had played each side separately.  For instance, if you would have made 5 units playing on Red and 9 units playing on Black only, playing on both sides with the extra bonus system, you will make more than 5+9 = 14 units.  Your profits will be in the 16-18 unit range.  How this is accomplished is all explained in the system.  It works amazingly well and you will be very surprised how such a result can be achieved. 

The win target for the base system is +10 units per session.  This is accomplished within 44 spins or decisions.  This happens in one of the even bets.  You will not always reach your win target within that many decisions.  In fact, should you be on the not so good performing even side, your wins and losses may fluctuate around -3 to +3 units.  In order to reach your win target of +10 units in a faster and surer mode, you will see expanded techniques after the base system, which enable you to reach your win target within 67 spins.  And this is regardless of which even bet area you select.  By selecting a certain combination of even bets and applying the system simultaneously on them, you will reach your +10 unit win target, no matter which even side performs better or worse.

How often does one reach the +10 unit win target?  From hundreds of thousands of spins' and decisions' simulations ran on the system, this is accomplished in 82% of all played sessions.  At the 18% of the sessions, where the +10 units were not reached, a loss limit of -40 units has been set.  This means that if you play 100 sessions, you will win 82 times 10 units, profiting 820 units and lose 40 units 18 times, losing 720 units.  This averages 100 units for 100 sessions, where each session can last between 40 and 70 spins.  Since you are playing with a system that does not require any negative progression, your bet unit can be as high as you wish or what your budget allows.  Playing with $100 chips, you make $10,000 for 100 sessions, where each session lasts about an hour.  Making $10,000 in 100 hours, gives you an average profit of $100 an hour. 

All this with a lifetime bankroll of 120 units - giving the system 3 chances should it rarely lose back to back.

More on the above 8 factors - there is absolutely no tracking.  You place a bet on every single decision or spin, regardless of what came before.  You even place a bet on the very first bet of the Baccarat shoe or Roulette spin or Craps decision, or Big/Small in Sic-Bo.  You continue betting on each decision with no interruptions until you reach your win target.  This enables you to sit comfortably at any table without being requested to leave the table if you are not placing any bets.  This was also a requirement from the players' who are asked to place a bet every time they take a seat at a gaming table.  Also, your gaming becomes a lot more interesting, rather than standing and tracking dozens of bets before you place one.

You must be wondering if the system works so well, it must be complicated.  Actually, by means of the combination of a few simple techniques, and the following of 5-6 rules, you can master the system within an hour's study.  The document is not more than 20 pages and is straight to the point, with no fluff and with sufficient examples.  By the time you finish reading the document, you should be ready to try it and test it. 

By the way, a tester spreadsheet is also provided for you for both the basic systems and the extra bonus system, where thousands of random decisions are simulated and charts and graphs of the results are displayed.  By pressing of a simple button, i.e. F9, you get a totally different set of random decisions, where you can see the performance of the system under different conditions and circumstances. 

I'm quite confident, this is the kind of system you have been looking for years and I will be more than happy if I was able to meet and even exceed your requirements.

The price of this great system is $770 only.    If you're not happy with the way the system performs, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase with a full refund.

Click here to order.  $20 will be charged extra if you wish to have a printout.


Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,

Use the Ideal System for All Even Bets at Windows Casino

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River Belle - The Greatest li` ol` Riverboat Casino

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