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================================================    Thursday, December 4, 2003
Q & A on Rose Garden Roulette System and Is Roulette Unbeatable by Bo

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your great interest in the Rose Garden Roulette System announced last week.  There were numerous questions about the system and I'd like to share the answers with you today in this newsletter.

Q: Izak,

As a customer of yours and long time fan, I have two questions about Rose Garden:

1) Could I play Rose Garden professionally or semi-professionally?  I am retired and have the time to devote to playing. You have said before that all systems must break down eventually (at least, that's what I understood you to say).

2) If so, could one play this professionally on double-zero wheels, which is really the only choice I have in my area?

Thanks, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

A: Yes indeed, the Rose Garden system has been designed to win in Roulette and you can use it professionally.

I haven’t seen this system break down yet and the author has been using it for 2 years now being at +1700 units.

And it works very well for 00 wheels as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Q: Hi Izak,

How does one move about Spielbank, it's all in German?

A: You don't have to speak German in order to be able to use the Hamburg casinos archives.

Here is all you need to do:

Click: http://www.spielbank-hamburg.de/spielsaal/permanenzen.php4  to get there.

Specify table number in box: Tisch.

Specify the date:

Tag (day), Monat (month), Jahr (year), and click Auflisten to show the outcome for that day and for that table number. Then click "back" and enter a different date. You have 4 years of stored Roulette spin results.

Best regards,

Q: Do you wager on streets and columns?

A: No, you wager on inside numbers only.

Q: Have you sold this before or someone else?

A: I haven’t sold this before, the author did for $500. I’m selling it for a promotional $250 with the author’s permission.

When you order the Rose Garden System from Let's Talk Winning, you receive it at 50% off its original price of $100 for $50.

You have full money back guarantee, should the system not perform the way it's stated.  You need to run your tests against real spins of the Hamburg Spielbank against any month, so the numbers can be verifiable and you have 30 days to do so from the date of your purchase.

If you are not satisfied, you return the system with your log or by specifying which month of the Hamburg Spielbank failed and your money is fully refunded, no questions asked.

The system is available in the form of an e-book only.  If you are not acquainted with e-books, don't worry.  You will receive detailed instructions upon your order explaining how to load the e-book and how to register it on-line with a dedicated personal identification number.

You will have continuous support and assistance, as the owner of the Rose Garden System.  Just email webmaster@letstalkwinning.com. 

Click here to order.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

And now to the main subject of our newsletter this week: Is Roulette Unbeatable? And this is what Bo has to say about the matter:

"Strangely, although that is a correct statement that "Roulette is unbeatable," such a statement is only true if applied to extensive play. The phenomenon known as "gambler's ruin" is very much still in force, where eventually a loss situation can occur which can wipe out a player's previous winnings. But, the truth is that the situation is quite paradoxical. Because, the facts are that there are indeed systems which will produce wins at a far greater rate than just by random play, and there are individuals who, by carefully monitoring their play and their betting, will produce more wins than losses. That reality flies in the face of those well substantiated mathematical truths, which prove that no system can win "in the long run."

If you ever have occasion to spend time in Las Vegas at any casino where you are testing a system, and devote
many hours to the task over a multiple day period you will have a chance to meet real professional gamblers. These are people (all have been men whom I have met) who truly make a living playing casino games. My first encounter with the "pros" was on an occasion where I decided to test out a baccarat system years ago. That particular one was based on a simple method of bet selection, combined with the traditional LaBouchere cancellation system (something I am still fond of with certain modifications) and in order to test that system I went to a five dollar table and settled in for a long haul. I was winning rather consistently. Then losing some, winning more (you know how it can go) and I played literally from early morning to late at night, taking breaks for pleasant meals and a few exercise breaks. After a day or so, I became known (the dealers and the players begin to nod and then exchange pleasantries) and I began to recognize a few of the other consistent players. It's like going to work everyday and getting to know your fellow workers. As I would take a break often one of those guys would also, and since people who are confined in solitude (as is the nature of individual play) seek the companionship of their fellow men to maintain sanity, we would strike up conversations. This is how I came to know quite a few gambling professionals, guys who supported themselves one hundred percent from casino play.

Now, I could write a book (literally) telling you the tales I have heard from these guys, because I have repeated that exercise in testing systems man
y, many times over the years. I won't do that here, but I will tell you some of the interesting observations I made from it. First, I was very surprised at the profile of these characters. These were not "fancy Dans," they were not wearing costly clothing and had no gaudy diamond jewelry. They didn't come to the casino in limos. Although many times they were being comp'd with a nice room or suite (because they played so much) they all lived right in Vegas not far from the casinos. Over the years I have been invited to quite a few of their homes. Mostly, they are single (unmarried) men who keep modest, simply furnished apartments (sometimes the most inexpensive anywhere near the strip). Some do own their own homes, but never anything fancy. The common denominator seems to be that they are very conservative people, who understand a lot about money management, not just at the table but in their personal lives. They are plodding, measured and very serious about their "work." They play systems, which sometimes they will quite openly share, and every time I have seen one of those systems they are the kind which if put through a computer simulation through the 50,000 or 100,000 decisions would be proven to fail.

So, how do they do it? How do they support themselves (however modestly they do it, they still are staying ahead) strictly from casino play? They do it by combining systems that win most of the time with those old crazy adages, to "quit while you are ahead" and having certain "win/loss stop limits."

Now, if you think that the life they lead is anything most people would want, you are mistaken. I have heard one story repeated man
y times that illustrates "the professional gambler's life." They tell me over an over of how they are up and how they are down and how they recover again and again to make it back to their level of comfort.

You see, I play at the Belagio and Caesar's and the Mirage because I don't gamble for a living (well not at the
casinos, anyway), I have other income and casino gambling is a relaxation for me (but, I only want to win, which is why I am a system enthusiast). It is at those beautiful expensive casinos is where I have met my professional gambler pals, but they don't always play there. You see Vegas has a hierarchy of casinos and they are scattered proportionately away from the better ones all the way to the downtown area where you find the very bottom rung establishments. That is where you can find the dollar craps tables and even 25 cents roulette. Yes, every once in while our pros will experience the run of bad luck where the systems just catch up to them at the high dollar locations and they make the trip downtown to, as they tell me, really pay attention and apply everything they have learned about system play and regain their stakes. Sure enough most of them are only gone for a day or so and then they are back riding high.

I have made many of those trips "downtown," just tagg
ing along, and it is quite an experience. In fact, if you would like to see (and maybe meet) real systems players who know what they are doing hang out and gamble at the lowest dollar tables downtown. You will see quite a concentration of them on any given day. Now some of them will finally go "bust" downtown, and they will have to take a temporary job (maybe parking cars or even working as a sales clerk) for a week or two until they can get a stake to get everything rolling again. One fellow not long ago told me that he had supported his wife and himself for a nine month run and then about four months ago he had to go out and work for two weeks to get a thousand to stake himself again. I said, "only a thousand?" And he told me that he usually only has about $400 to play with every day after he pays for his personal expenses and sets aside money for rent, but that guy is a fixture at Caesar's, quietly playing for about six hours everyday.

Now, those who argue that you can't win in the long run are proven wrong by
many of these guys because some of them literally never have to support themselves with any outside income. They do go through the ups and downs and they do have to cruise to the lower limit tables in the sleazy part of town, but they always stay ahead and they are back quickly (sometimes the same day) playing at their usual spots. My guess it that there are also high dollar professional gamblers, who like these guys know how to do it, and their cycle is never all the way downtown. For them probably the $25 and $10 tables at Caesar's is where they recover. I don't know, because I have never gotten to know any of those guys, but since I for certain know the lower level guys as real live flesh and blood "pros," my guess is that the others are around as well.

So, yes, maybe there are no "winning" systems, but I will assure you that there are indeed "winners."

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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