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=========================================   Thursday, December 27, 2001
FAQ on DC-7  The Incredible Craps System

Hello everyone,

DC-7 The Incredible Craps system by James J. Corbett announced last week was received with great enthusiasm.  There were so many inquiries about the system, that Jimmy and I have decided to put up a section for frequently asked questions, that you will be able to find at the end of the system description at:

Here are Jimmy's replies:

Quesion: What is the maximum drawdown of the system?

Answer: I never considered a drawdown.  That's something you can decide for yourself. I would recommend that if you are up 7 or 8 units, playing the 1-2-4 progression (which can happen with as little as 3 shooters) you may at that point want to switch to flat betting.  That would be the only "drawdown" that I could recommend.  Drawdowns are popular with systems that drain you after you made a big hit. 

If you are up lets say 8 units and lose 3 in a row for a total of 7 leaving you 1 unit ahead playing 1-2-4.  However if you switch to flat betting and lose 3 in a row, you still have 5 left. Losing 3 in a row doesn't happen that often but it does happen.  When it does, follow the stop rule and then resume play after the table requalifies itself. You'll get back your loss in a very short period of time.  Remember, you have a 4.34% advantage over the house.   You can grind them down just by taking them on like they grind you down with 1.5 to 2.5 % advantage.

Question: How much is the buy-in and the amount of bankroll needed?

Answer: If you are betting $5.00 units, buy in with $150.00. No one has ever reported losing a buy-in.  Bankroll? I would say $300.00 but I don't think you'll ever need it.  You are going to win on hot and cold tables but you are going to clean up on choppy tables. Good news!  Most of the time the table is choppy.   Go get em!

And you don't need a "lifetime" bankroll, you just need DC-7 and a little patience and discipline.

Question: Is the system risky?  How confident can one be with DC-7?  Why are you selling DC-7?  My only goal is to find something that works on a consistent basis.   I am really burnt out on systems that don't work.

Answer:  I know exactly how you feel. There's an old saying in the gaming industry:  "If you have a system that works, play it.  If it doesn't work sell it." However there is an exception to every rule.

There are a lot of scams out there by people that live off the sincere but gullible public and I detest all of that.   I have my own reasons for selling my strategy that works or I could not live with myself.

I'm selling DC-7 for guys like yourself because I've been there too many times and always felt that there has to be a way to beat this game.  DC-7 is a "combination" of several systems that do not stand up to the test of time.  I added a few of my own ideas based on experience and came up with DC-7, which stands for "Don't Come-7 out."

I want you to feel comfortable with DC-7, which does not require a large buy in because there is no risk in the long run. 30 units is plenty if you stick to the rules which are very simple but does require some discipline especially when you are winning big time.  The results that appear on the site regarding 72 hours are real.

I'll offer you a few more reasons:  (1) I play DC-7 on the ships out of Cape Canaveral a few days a week. (They won't allow me to teach anyone anymore) I live on the ocean here in Melbourne Beach Florida and check the height of the waves whenever I get the urge to play. If it's calm and the report is that it will stay that way, I'll go out.  I am very prone to sea sickness and have become immuned to dramerine. (2) Since 9-11, I'm not too sure if I want to fly anymore. My wife won't and I don't like to leave her.  (3)  I'm 66 years old and financially secure. (4)  I'm an inventor who challenges anything that is "impossible" If man built it, there must be a way to tear it down. (wait til you see my roulette systems) (5) I said many years ago, that if I ever developed such a method that will beat the house, I'll share it with the rest of the guys and gals out there that are chasing the preverbal rainbow.

Note!  Once you get into the rhythm and are totally confident that no matter what happens, you are still going to come out a winner, the jitters and the fear of losing will disappear.  If the casinos can wear you down with a 1.8% advantage, think of what you can do to them with a 4.34% advantage.  The only difference is that the house has that 1.8% (it varies - +) on several players at one time and you only have the advantage against one, that being the casino.

The dealers will pick up on the fact that you have something going for you and will make remarks.  I have a stock answer (which is not true of course) and that is "Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't work." When you are at the craps table you have immunity to lies when talking to Pit Bosses and Dealers. One more thing. If you should by any chance see someone else playing DC-7, go to another table. It's obvious that you have something going for you.

Question:   How much do you need to bring to a table?

Answer: $150.00 for $5.00 units;  $250 for $10.00 units, about $350 for $15 units, and never more than 30 units.

Question: Is there a stop loss?

Answer:  Yes but not a set amount. That is part of the strategy that is in the instructions.

Question: Is there a stop win?

Answer:  Yes there is a stop win. You stop when you get tired of winning.

Question: Do you play every shooter after you start?

Answer:   Not necessarily.  When you hit a stop play, then you must requalify the table.   If the table gets hot, while you have money at risk and you are still winning, keep playing.

Question: What is the average in qualifying a shooter to start playing.?

Answer:   It varies.  Sometimes as little as two shooters, sometimes as long as 15 depending on the outcome of each roll and that usually occurs where there is only one table, on a boat for instance.  In a casino where there are a lot of tables, we direct you to the one that will get you in the game quickly.

Question:   Is it best on a cold, choppy, or hot table?

Answer: Works on all three but big time on choppy tables.  The good news is that the tables are choppy most of the time.   

Question: How is a session defined?

Answer: The "session" I am referring to in DC-7 is the time between the shooters point and him (her) making the point or 7 outs. i.e. as follows:  4-5-8-2-4  -7- 2-6-8-8-3-10-5-6 - 5-9-7out. That's 3 sessions.  The come out 7 does not count as a session. Some people refer to the sequence as an "event".

Question:   What is the biggest risk in DC-7?

Answer: The biggest risk in DC-7 is the player making mistakes.

Question: Can I honestly earn $60-$600 per hour without fear of losing my bankroll? 

Answer: You can earn about $60 an hour with $10 units and $600 an hour with $100 units if you play DC-7.  No one has ever reported losing a buy in never mind a bankroll.

Question: Hard to believe you came up with this system yet you don't gamble?

Answer: I don't gamble because I play DC-7, but I only play $10.00 & $15.00 units. I don't have the stomach for progression although I played the latter with $5.00 units. I enjoy the excitement.  I have 3 businesses and I am not hurting for money (thank God) but have no restrictions for making more.

A gambler can't see the trees from the forest. That's why an outsider or someone who looks at the game differently (me) came up with a solution to other people's problem.

Question: Anyone could design a system to beat the book but isn't actual play different?

Answer: 72 Hours is a documented scenario of actual play, and has been for years the leading book of testing for the gaming industry.

Question: I can't help but think that it shouldn't matter to "qualify" the shooter, because the dice has no memory. Shouldn't you be able to enter the table immediately without waiting?

Answer:  Stepping up to the craps table without qualifying has put more players in bankrupcy court than you can imagine.  The casinos depend on that type of player's mistake.  That's what produces losers.  We produce winners. 

Question: Do you have to chart at the table with pencil and paper? 

Answer: If you have a very bad memory, you may want to chart the rolls but once a certain thing happens you stop charting until the next shooter rolls the bones.  You can do it with your fingers. If you have a memory problem like I used to, take Giko Biloba.  Once you remember to take it, you know it's working  : )

Click to Order (a $5 fee is charged for shipping and handling with Priority Mail.)

Together with your order, you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement and fax it to the author.  Upon its reception the author will send you the system, the audio tape and the book "72 Hours at The Craps Table" by B. Mickelson by priority mail.

Click here to access the non-disclosure document.  Print it, sign it and send it to James J. Corbett either by fax or by mail to the address specified on the top of the agreement.

Jimmy Corbett is available to answer your inquiries by email at:

Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year 2002 with peace at your home and peace in the world.

Until next week,


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