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================================================    Thursday, December 23, 2004
FRS Method 2 Wins Roulette Competition and Best Online Casinos

Hello everyone,

The roulette competition followed in Gambler's Glen discussion forum is over and I'm happy to announce that my Favorite Roulette System - or FRS Method 2 won the competition.  It was in the leading position already last week, having generated 3961 units, and stayed on top for the second week, generating an additional 3216 units, totaling 7177 units for the entire duration of the competition. 

You can check the results at the following link:  Dec 04 Contest Results - Week 2 (final).

Quoting from that link:

"It's been a busy month but here's the results. Some small errors in week one have been corrected.

We used all 9 tables from Dec 1-14 at Hamburg, Germany, which was the equivalent of sitting at one table for about 3.5 months! So it was a good test of each method. The 'en prison' rule was active, which gave back 1/2 of even bets when the zero came up.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER: Izak and his "FRS II, method 2", which barely beat out Ahcoln's "New Recoup" for 1st place. FRS II only had 2 losing days, and New Recoup remarkably had none. (I am rechecking the New Recoup spreadsheet which Ahcoln graciously provided me, to see if there are any errors in it...)

Third place was JBoyd's "Even Parlay 21." Also coming out positive for the two week, 28,429 spin contest were Tony's "Double Win & Out" method, and JBoyd's "Even Parlay 13."

Here are the top five:

1_______Izak____FRS II - 2 Dozens, method 2___________7177____3961____3216

2_______Ahcoln__New Recoup______________________6580____3247____3333
3_______JBoyd___Even Parlay 21____________________2794____-398____3192
4_______Tony____Double Win and Out_________________715_____-62_____777
5_______JBoyd___Even Parlay13_____________________424_______2_____422

The following did not make a net profit, but at least they did not lose their 3000 unit bankroll!

7_______Izak________FRS II - 2 Dozens, method 1_______-469_____-630_____+161
8_______Izak________Five Step Marty_________________-560_____-795_____+235
9_______Kelly_______Classic Two Step_______________-1765_____-717____-1048
10______Sir Ivor______Hi / Low (hit and run)____________-1900_____-840____-1060
11______Puppy Chow__Investment Roulette____________-2296______597____-2893
12______Alltime_______20/20 sans progression_________-2732_____-505____-2227

The following players lost all of their 3000 unit bankroll the second week:

13______Spino___The Spino______________-3000___-1764___-1236
14______Rev_____Profit Maker____________-3000___-2128____-872
15______Docker__Docker's System_________-3000___-2771____-229
16______Elt_____Against All Odds__________-3000___-2049____-951

And these players lost their bankroll the first week:

17______Buffster___Luck Is Everything_________-3000_____-3000___0
18______Belle______Repeating Numbers II______-3000_____-3000___0
19______Tony_______Pretend System__________-3000_____-3000___0
20______Hernan_____Perdedor II_____________-3000_____-3000___0
21______Bill B_____Hi / Low Dozen___________-3000_____-3000___0
22______Grenoble Scientist____The Winner_____-3000_____-3000___0
24______Donali_____Donali's Secret___________-3000_____-3000___0
25______Carsch_____18 Number System_______-3000_____-3000___0
26______Free Roulette__Cover Method_________-3000_____-3000___0
27______Hernan_____Perdedor I______________-3000_____-3000___0

Finally, my apologies to Turbo (Dozen Eliminator), Serena (14 # group), Ahcoln (Quarter Hit), Tater (Street Sleeper), OHPC (International Method), Roulette France (Mr. Opps Tribute), JapJap (Tokyo Streets) and Joe Daw (Joe Daw's Method), whose methods were either too complex for me to program, or I didn't get them finished yet. Perhaps next contest? I am working on Turbo's and Serena's, but may just put them in the next contest.


I'll have more stats later, including a more full description of the methods that came out positive.

I am also working on the "consolation prize" for the method that gained the "most per unit bet." It will be one of the top five.

Thanks to all who entered. If you think I calculated your method wrongly, send me your corrections or suggestions or questions.

It was fun, let's do it again next year.


Click here to read more about FRS

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I would strongly encourage you to try out some of them, take advantage of their promotions and most importantly make a lot of consistent profits using FRS.

A very happy Holiday Season to you all!

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,

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