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=========================================   Thursday, December 20, 2001
DC-7  The Incredible Craps System

Hello everyone,

I'm proud to present a very powerful Craps system this week by James J. Corbett.   It is called DC-7 and it is an incredible craps system.   James has found a way to convert the casino advantage to yours, giving you a 4.34% edge over the casino.   Therefore, there is no question, it's a winning system on the long run.    How this is done is ingenious.   I will let the following report and testimonials of numerous people who have used it speak for themselves:

"I hope I break even at the casino today, I need the money."

Sounds familiar? If it does, you may be a compulsive gambler and what do all compulsive gamblers have in common? They have to lose.  No matter how much they make one day, they have to lose it the next, plus a lot more to go with it.  For some unknown reason they are self-destructive.  If you are a compulsive gambler, live up to the fact that you have a disease that has no cure but can be arrested one day at a time with the proper help of a 12-step program.

The point is, that the author of this incredible strategy known as DC-7 does not want your money.  He urges you, for your sake and the sake of your love one's to get help and face the fact that there is no system or strategy, no matter how simple, that will work for a compulsive gambler and will beat a game of chance. Sorry but that is a cold hard fact.

On the other hand, if you are a level headed individual with a burning desire to make an excellent living off the casinos by beating them at their own game, then DC-7 is for you.

If you are a College graduate, your education cost you or your parents anywhere between $50,000 and $250,000 and on graduation day you were handed a diploma that guaranteed you nothing but the education itself.  You had to find your own job and how many years did you have to work just to break even or pay off that student loan?

That doesn't mean you need a college education to understand DC-7.  If you can fog a mirror, then you can read this and you can earn a lot more than the average college graduate for a lot less money.  How much? $190.00 and you can learn the strategy in less than 30 minutes and master it in a few hours, practicing on a layout at home and on a computer, playing for fun.  The author has never played in the "for real" mode on any online casino for the simple reason that he does not know or understand how the software is programmed.  However, he has never had a losing day playing for fun and does not necessarily discourage anyone from playing the On-line casinos and would more than welcome comments from the players in the form of criticism or testimonials.

The developer is also the author of "How to Make a Living at the Racetrack", which was the first book of its kind to have the Preface written by a professional handicapper that appeared on 60 Minutes with Harry Reasoner several years ago when he picked 19 consecutive winners at two tracks in the course of one day.

If you are looking for credibility, herewith is an excerpt from the Preface: "My friend "Diamond Jim," has developed a formula, which is ingenious in both its simplicity and degree of sophistication, which might be the most effective way to wager on horses yet devised.  In other words, it works and it works because it makes use of those various intangible factors, which keep popping up repeatedly."

Diamond Jim, a friend dubbed him "the Casino Bandit" has applied the same degree of sophistication and those various intangible factors, which keep popping up repeatedly in the developing of the DC-7 strategy.

Now this may shock you. The developer of this strategy is not a gambler. When "Diamond Jim" wrote the book on horseracing, he was a $2.00 bettor and when he plays DC-7, he plays 10 and 15 dollar units but charges $100 an hour or 50% of the student's winnings, whichever is greater, whenever he tutors someone. He is what is known as a "lateral thinker" and sees the casino as a Research Laboratory.  He enjoys the "hunt" more than the "kill".

Just to be fair to everyone that has bought several get rich craps systems, (that turned out to be a crappy system) may think that portions of DC-7 looks familiar to other craps systems on the market that sell for as little as $19.95. (One can't think too much of their own system if they sell it for peanuts).  You may have all the numbers of a combination to a safe but if you don't have them in the proper order, they are useless. The difference between those "so called" systems and DC-7 are best explained in following testimonial by one of the players who tested the strategy and plays in Atlantic City.

He writes: 'When I first saw DC-7, I said to myself, what's this guy trying to do, sell me something I bought for 39 bucks a few years ago? Then I studied the whole strategy and realized the other systems left me standing on 2nd and 3rd but DC-7 drives me home.   One of those systems worked to the point where I would win a few and lose a few, but it was always a few. I rarely got that much ahead and when I did, I gave it back. Now I go to the casino and lose a few but I win big.  I never realized how important it is to know when to get into the game and when to get out of the game. Now I didn't say leave the casino or the table, I just said get out of the game until the next opportunity presents itself and that happens when a few more shooters 7 out. Thanks for DC-7, Jimmy, and thanks for the telephone support. You accomplished what I thought was impossible."
  Mazz. Seaside Heights. N.J.

Here are a few more testimonials. Howie from Burlington, Wisconsin, writes:
"I have never lost a buy in or even come close to losing one but I did lose a session now and then but what impressed me the most was the ability to bounce back, recoup my small loss and then walk out a winner. I was very skeptical at first, so I started with $5 units and now playing with $25 units but I'll take your advice not to play higher than $50.00.  I feel like a businessman and not a gambler. With the odds in my favor how can I lose?"

Note! The author only recommends not to wager more than $50 units, if you frequent the same casino. Eventually you are going to draw attention to yourself. Casinos have a legal right to bar you.  If you play in one casino after another playing hit and run with $100 units, take a win of 4 or 5 units and move on. The local casino ships out of Florida will not let the developer teach DC-7 to anyone on the ship anymore and will only allow him to play once or twice a week.  Editor's Note! He is also susceptible to sea sickness.

Here's a few more. An M.D. from Virginia writes: "Most systems I bought revolved around a hot or a cold table. I came out ahead on both with DC-7 but I never thought you could beat a choppy table where the system works best.  Knowing when to get into the game and knowing when to get out is the key that has made me a winner.  Thanks Jimmy, you're a genius."

Jamie F. from Riverhead, Long Island writes: "I couldn't believe it.   It actually works. If everyone played DC-7, the casinos would throw the craps tables out into the street.  Don't sell anymore. I almost flipped out when you told me you were not a gambler and then I realized that a gambler couldn't see the trees from the forest.  Congratulations".
PS: I love that departure rule: "When you get tired of winning leave the casino."

Chris S. in Jupitor FL: "Being a die hard craps player, I didn't have to test DC-7 to know that it works.  It jumped right out at me within a few minutes of reading. I have played so called systems that advocated playing on both sides of the table before without any degree of success, but DC-7 supplies the missing link  that makes you a winner.  Well done and thanks for calling me back.  You're a stand up guy, Jim."

"Recession, depression, who cares? I'm about to tell my boss to take this job and shove it.  It's only a matter of time." Mike K. Melbourne,   FL.

"A few weeks ago I went out on the ship down in Palm Beach to play DC-7 for the first time. After placing my first 2 bets, the dealer gave me a funny look and asked: "Are you sure that's what you want to do?"  Being a salesman, I answered his question with a question: "Am I doing something wrong?" He said no, not really but I haven't seen anyone do that before. When I placed the 3rd and 4th bet he said, Oh!  I won of course then took your advice to make a $1, "Yo" bet for the dealers. The 11 didn't show but all of a sudden he was my friend. After observing my strategy  (excuse me, your strategy) he started reminding me if I wanted to do this or you forgot to do that.  I haven't seen him on the boat since. I'll bet he picked up on DC-7 and is playing it some place else on the other side of the table. No! I didn't tell him when to get in and when to get out. He'll have to get that from you." Arturo M. Port St Luce, FL.

Check out the results of DC-7 at that were tested on every page of the documented book, "72 Hours at The Craps Table" by B. Mickelson.  It's the most popular system tester on the market.  It consists of 1,829 shooters, 14,967 rolls of the dice and 4,525 decisions.  DC-7 produced an average of 8.2 units per hour using a 1-2-4 betting progression (not higher) and 6.4 units on flat betting. 

We don't know of any other Craps system that passed the entire 72 hour test without showing a loss.

The DC-7 pack, if you decide to order, will contain a copy of the book, which will confirm the results as shown on the enclosed page.  You can use it in practice and compare the results.   The pack will also contain an audio, which makes it very easy to comprehend the strategy.


DC-7 is sold with a guarantee that the test results supplied are accurate and authentic within a 5% margin of error, taken from the book "72 Hours at the Crap Table" utilizing the instructions and rules outlined in the DC-7 package.   You can expect a full refund excluding handling and shipping charges if you can prove that DC-7 does not produce an average profit ranging from 4 to 8.2 units utilizing the 1-2-4 progression, on any consecutive 10 pages, which would be approximately 300 shooters and/or ten hours of play.

The writer would like to wish you luck but if you have DC-7, you won't need it.

Click to Order (a $5 fee is charged for shipping and handling with Priority Mail.)

Together with your order, you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement and fax it to the author.  Upon its reception the author will send you the system, the audio tape and the book "72 Hours at The Craps Table" by B. Mickelson by priority mail.

Click here to access the non-disclosure document.  Print it, sign it and send it to James J. Corbett either by fax or by mail to the address specified on the top of the agreement.

Jimmy Corbett is available to answer your inquiries by email at:

Happy holidays to you all,
Wishing you and your families all the best,
Until next week,


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