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================================================    Thursday, December 11, 2003
Roulette Systems that Take Advantage of the Law of the Third and Special Discounts

Hello everyone,

The law of the third states that in a complete 37 spin cycle, approximately 12.33 (13) numbers will not show on average.  This is a proven fact.  Indeed within the next 37 or 38 spins, chances of getting 38 different numbers is extremely law, practically as low as null.  That means that within a cycle of 38 numbers, some numbers will most likely repeat, some more than others.  This feature is an excellent way to come up with winning systems in Roulette.

As a matter of fact, this site has already 5 great systems, that take advantage of the law of the third.  They provide a great way of winning in Roulette.   This doesn't mean that you will win every single session.  However, you will win more than not.  I will provide a short description of each one them here in this newsletter.  You should also know, that if you purchase any of them by year end 2003, you will receive a special 50% discount.

1) Repeating Numbers

This system itself is a collection of 4 systems, each one of them taking advantage of a certain range of repeating numbers very effectively.  What do we mean with "range"?  Well, it's a known fact that numbers will repeat according to the law of the third.  But how can we tell, when the numbers will start repeating?  The different variations of this system explore different areas where numbers do repeat and you win on them before they start repeating.  Therefore, when you hit a repeat, it's an immediate win.

The variations are not just about different ranges, but also include different modes of betting: flat, with progressions, or regressions, or betting modes based on a Gaussian curve, that optimize your profitability potential.

At the end of the document you also receive a bonus system called $100 an Hour.  All the above for half the original price for $150.  Click the PayPal button below to take advantage of the discount until December 31, 2003:

2) Flat Bet Repeating Numbers

This system also takes advantage of repeating numbers before they repeat and bets flat units only.  No progressions at all.  Excellent exit points when you are ahead.  You will have numerous profitable sessions.  Profits could go up to 100 units a session.  The system provides excellent guidance on how to come up ahead and when to leave the session and control your losses if any.

It's a very practical system and a lot of fun.  There is absolutely no need for tracking.  You can play it as soon as you sit down at a Roulette table.  One of my favorites for years.

Again at half price for $50, makes it a great Christmas gift:

Click below to order it:

3) Aaron Baker's Hot List Roulette System

The difference between this system and Repeating Numbers, is that this system identifies the repeating numbers first and then starts betting on them, taking advantage of the feature that one repeating number will repeat more than once in a cycle of 38 spins.

It is very good.  It has been extensively tested and proven to win more than 80% of all your sessions and to ensure the 20% does not drain your bankroll and you get to keep your profits.

Again, at half price, a bargain deal for $100.

Click on the PayPal button to order it:

4) Aaron Baker's Awakening Numbers

This system is by the same author.  This one wins 98% of all sessions.

It takes advantage of the law of the third, but very differently.  As numbers will repeat, some sleepers will wake up.  And this is a known fact, too.  Within a cycle of 38 spins, there will be 24 different numbers, some of them will repeat, some new ones will start showing up.  And this is the way you win on this system.  It has a very strong winning rate and has been the author's favorite.

At half price, you can get it at $175 by year end.


to order it.

5) The Rose Garden Roulette System

This system was announced a few weeks ago, but has been around for a couple of years, making its author and its customers more than 1700 units already.  It definitely takes advantage of the law of the third, has excellent entry and exit points and wins most of the sessions with +12 units profit.

It's already at 50% discount, but you can have an additional 50% until the year end at $125.


to order it.

All 5 systems above have a total value of: $300 + $100 + $200 + $350 + $500 = $1450 and you get 50% off if you buy them by December 31, 2003 by clicking on the PayPal buttons of this page.  Or if you want to use your credit cards, you can fill your credit card information at the secure order form at: /order/, email me at webmaster@letstalkwinning.com and specify which ones you're interested in and I will process your orders.

Should you decide to buy all of them at once, you have a super combo discount, and you can get all the above 5 systems for $500 only, a saving of 65% and it will cover all possible ways to win in Roulette taking advantage of the Law of the Third, a proven feature.

Click on the PayPal button below to take advantage of this super discount:

Wishing you all the best,
Season's greetings,

Until next week,


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