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================================================= Friday, December 1, 2000

One person who bought my new booklet, "Slots - Playing for Playing Money",

Dear Tony,
I read your new book on slots with great interest. The only thing I think
you failed to mention was the RNG (Random Number Generator) in all slots.
This is of great importance to me, as I play a lot of slots in between craps
sessions. I am wondering what you think of the RNG.
You mention briefly in your text about "hot" and "cold" cycles. According to
a lot of experts, the RNG eliminates high and low cycles and makes the play
100% random. I think these experts are full of sh..,. I always play a 2 or 3
coin machine with a 1,000 coin top jackpot, Blazing Sevens, Red White &
Blue, or Double Diamond with an 800/1,600 coin jackpot.
I have noticed that, when playing maximum coins in these machines, and by
using the max play button, you can get into a rapid payoff mode. In other
words by pressing that max play button as fast as you can, the payoff seems
to be much better than when inserting coins manually. Does this make sense
to you?
At one time at Soaring Eagle casino, I was playing a 3-coin Sizzling Sevens
Dollar machine and got the following in seven spins:

1) 7 - sizzle7 - 7..................250
2) blank...................................0
3) = - = - = (double bars)......60
4) 7 - 7 - 7 (red sevens).......500
5) no pay.................................0
6) no pay.................................0
7) sizzle7 - sizzle 7 - 7 .........250

Total win in 7 spins $1,060. Any comments, especially regarding the cycles?



My reply:

Hi Jim,

The RNG generates winning and losing combinations at random, but not evenly.
Random means that any number (or combination of symbols) could come up at
any time. For simple illustration let's compare it to pulling cards out of a
deck. Supposing the deck contains one joker and the joker pays the most
(Jackpot). Aces pay second highest, Kings third highest, Queens fourth
highest, and Jacks pay the least. Tens and lower cards don't pay anything.
After the deck is thoroughly shuffled, you start pulling out cards, one by
one. You might get 3 high cards (winners) in a row, and then the next ten
cards may be low numbers that don't pay anything. You picked at random, but
you experienced high and low cycles. Once all 53 cards have been pulled,
there will have been 17 wins and 36 losses, but not in any pre-arranged

I don't believe it makes any difference whether you use the spin button or
insert coins manually, as far as payoffs are concerned. (Unless the machines
have been fooled around with, which is highly unlikely, if you're playing in
a reputable casino). What you noticed might have been a coincidence, and
that seven-spin winning streak was a very good example of a "hot" cycle.

Continued Good Luck.



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