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===================================================   Tuesday, August 6, 2013
FAQ on the New 3SB - 3 Stage Betting system by Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

The new system 3SB - 3 Stage Betting, launched last week was received with great enthusiasm.  There were lots of inquiries, reviews, comments, and discussions about the system.  I thank you all for your great interest.  I will share my answers with all of you in this Frequently Asked Questions newsletter.

First of all, some general comments and testimonials by purchasers:

"You do not need a cluster of wins to close a run, with 3SB, it is the W L ratio that closes runs."

"Flat betting only in 3 stages (the key is when to take profit and reset)"

"Betting every hand is a big plus for you if you are forced to be at a table alone."

"I like the idea of cumulative odds helping you pick a better time to risk a larger bet."

"I will say this I would use this system for Baccarat with 5 unit max bet. Izak has put out 70+ systems and none with this low of a range has beat all 1,600 shoes."

"Actually, I have been playing and testing a similar idea, but not a similar system. Lay low while getting beat, wait for the down-drift to pass, and recover not only previous losses but also nice profit. I never agreed with abandoning the NP after reaching an even point in my BR. Stay in while it goes for you. I quit trying to just get even after recovering losses. Of course, you have to have confidence that you can do this thru your skill. 3SB takes care of this for you."

"I have many, many of Izak's systems and have taken lots of ideas from them, but never played any of them as written. However, I would play this as written."

"This works all off variance and waiting on a W/L ratio to drift into the right range for you to reset. You can stay in one stage for two shoes so as you can see this is real slow but any bet selection works."

"There is no system that cannot be beaten, but with 3SB your loss is very limited."

"The MM is very smart and is applicable to all bet selections"

"I do not look at other games like I use to but it would be foolish not to look at a system with a max bet of 5 units that may turn a profit"

"If you are looking for a Baccarat system this is the best this site has to offer."

Now your questions answered:

Q: Besides beating tester books/Zumma etc, any experience in an actual brick and mortar casino?

A: For system design and for a system to be verifiable, first requirement is to be able to beat all 1600 Zumma shoes.  3SB is doing great in live play. It's slow but safe and risk free.

Q: Izak, This system is designed for Dragon Baccarat with no commission. Hoe does it fare in regular baccarat? How do you account for commission when you are only making less than 1/5 unit per shoe which will be wiped bout by commission? How does system fare for craps? Why does system make so much more on last 500 shoes vs the other 1100? Is the buy in of 68 for the 5 unit max bet? Is betting reset after each shoe or is it continuous. What % of shoes or sessions are won?

A: When the max bet is 5 units, I wouldn't worry about commissions for regular Baccarat. Your overall profit will be maybe 1% less.

The system works well for any game: Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, BlackJack, War. The MM is very smart and is applicable to all the above, regardless of bet selection.

The system makes more on different parts of Zumma, not because of the system, but because the way Zumma is biased towards a certain bet selection. That's why it's a challenge to beat all the 1600 shoe sets with the same system and the same parameters.

The buy in of 68 units is for max bet of 5 and 99 units for max bet of 10.

Betting is continuous from shoe to shoe, but you may quit any time you feel you have made sufficient profits for a day or join in the middle of the shoe or quit in the middle of the shoe.

3SB does not win on a shoe by shoe basis. You may stay in one of the "Stages" for one or two shoes until mission is accomplished. When this happens you get a bonus of 25 or so units, quite different than any other system you may have seen.

Q: I also wonder how it would do with a loss stop and wait for virtual w to start again.

A: The "stop loss" is already built into 3SB. Very simply if you get to the third stage and it's still not successful, you stop at the end of it. And that costs you the session buy in: 68 units for the 5 max bet and 99 units for the 10 max bet, which are very recoverable, as some stages provide you bonuses  of 25 units each time they are completed successfully.

Q: Why does 3SB generate 2 units per shoe in average for 1600 shoes and 5 units per shoe in average for 500 shoes?

A: For the ones who are confused why 3SG generates 2 units per shoe in average for 1600 shoes and 5 units average for 500 shoes is exactly because of that: the number of sampled shoes.

Mathematically, the more shoes one samples, the less average profit one gets. Once a programmer friend of mine ran a macro simulating billions of spins or decisions on any given system. Towards the end, the result would be very close to the house edge. This is an infinitesimal fact in calculus.

If one wants to double the bankroll, he/she has 48% chances of doing that, placing only one bet, putting everything in the same spot. (Ashley Revell - http://metro.co.uk/2010/01/15/ashley-revell-the-man-who-put-it-all-on-roulette-red-34233/) - the smartest bet ever.

If one wants to double the bankroll in 2 bets, one has 24% chances of doing that, because both bets have to win.

By induction, if one wants to double the bankroll in a very large number of bets (millions), one would lose exactly to the house edge.

Since it would take a few lifetimes to place billions of bets, we tend to find certain advantages only for short term playing.

Q: I do not have a place to play EZ Bac but I just want to be clear on how to play this with the BS provided card total of 7 then the banker bet will push.  So if I have money on Banker and this happens am I to ignore this and treat it like all ties in Bac and replay the bet. As far as tracking the outcomes to determine where to place my bets should I count banker ties as banker wins for bet placement or should I treat them as true ties in the game?

A: You treat "Banker ties" as Ties, as though they never happened, so your money is returned to you.

Q: Izak, How can you test Dragon Baccarat on Zumma decisions? There are no number amounts just decisions. Why is the 5 unit max bet buy in 68 and the 10 unit 99? Shouldn't it be 136 double? Thanks

A: I used the Zumma Baccarat tester book, because it has sequences of P's and B's, ignoring Ties. In order to simulate EZ Baccarat on those, I threw randomly some Banker bets, which actually lost when one was placing a bet on Banker, because of the new rules, and due to the system's efficiency, at times, the results were slightly less, at times the same and at times even more profitable.

So, I took one could easily assume there won't be any drastic changes using the Zumma tester book.

The 10 unit max bet version uses different parameters.  That's why the session buy in is not the double, but 99 units.  If you double your unit size for the 5 unit max bet, simulating a 10 unit max bet, then the session buy in would be the double.

Q: Curious how 3SB fairs against the bet selection KISS?

A: KISS = DBL + 2-2 (DBL being decision before last, and 2-2, the so called 2-chop pattern, i.e. PP BB PP BB)

KISS lets you look at the last 4 decisions as well. Since the 2-2's make the DBL fail, if you detect a 2-2 pattern, KISS follows it.

The dilemma with that is that if you follow the 2-2's, you will fail on the 3-3's. If you decide then to follow the 3-3's as well, you will fail on the 4-4's, etc. By the time you reach the 5-5's, you might as well use DBL, where a good streak takes care of it.

So I presume and tests prove that, too, that using either KISS or DBL will not drastically change 3SB's performance.

I have already tested numerous other bet selections and 3SB did fine with them.

Thank you all again for all your very interesting and at times challenging questions.  It was my highest pleasure to answer them at the most of my ability.

3SB goes for $600 and is worth every penny. 

As usual, your full satisfaction is guaranteed.  If not, you can have your money back within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked.

Click here to order.

P.S. Last week's web site problems are now resolved.  You can place your orders via the regular channel above.  You are also welcome to place them by PayPal to my id: izak.matatya@videotron.ca if it's more convenient for you.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Wishing you all the best,


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