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=============================================================   Thursday, August 17, 2017
Review, Feedback and FAQ on the New Gambler's Dream System by Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

The new Gambler's Dream system announced last week has received huge attention and interest.  Purchasers are enthusiastically posting their test results and feedback has been really really very positive.

Before I answer your frequently asked questions, I will post some test results and feedback as customers recently expressed in the discussion forum.

"I have bought the system The Gambler's Dream. I am still in my usual mode of convincing myself that this system will perform the way Izak claims it will by doing some exhaustive testing in a live environment. I am recording Baccarat shoes as they are played live but I am not actually betting yet. The Gambler's Dream uses a few ideas from Izak's previous systems but he has modified these ideas in such a way that I believe he has hit on some ideas that will revolutionize even-money games of gambling. So far in my testing on paper, I am convinced that the 80%/20% ratio he describes for win/loss is quite accurate. I'm also impressed with the winnings I've experienced on paper for the shoes I have tested so far. I have only tested 6 shoes to date but I have managed to win all of them with a very decent win percentage. I have not tested the system by combining both sides yet but based on what I know about how that phase of it works, I'm actually excited about the increased probability of greatly increasing my win percentage.

I think anyone who is seriously interested in acquiring a truly ingenious system that will actually work, I would recommend checking it out. You really don't have anything to lose and I don't believe you will be sorry"   --  Vaflyer

"Tested another 10 shoes: (Set Stop win 60 and Stop loss -30)
1/ -30 (End profit -80, if you play to the end of shoe)
2/ -34 (55)
3/ -37 (-68)
4/ 60 (69)
5/ 60 (43)
6/ 26 (26)
7/ 63 (78)
8/ 60 (65)
9/ 61 (58)
10/ -83 (-68) (Because stop loss is -30, so when it came down to -23 we keep playing, then -83)

Total: +146, the ratio win loss is 6/4 or 3/2 (the sample is only 10 shoes). It sounds good, the only complaint is one might not be lucky and fall into 2 negative shoes (lose more than 60 units) " --  David Tran

"I have always said that if someone could make a successful gambling system, it would definitely be Izak."  -- toyoproxo

This is really very encouraging.  Thank you for the posters.  David has tested so far 40 shoes with very positive results.

I believe this is my best system so far.  There is no limit in making improvements.  Perfection is something we will never reach, but we definitely strive for it.

And now the answers to your frequently asked questions:

Q: Hello Izak,

How about playing this new system on 5% commission Baccarat (traditional baccarat)? Will it hold the water there?

A:  Yes, the system does well with commission Baccarat.

Q: Remember, the higher you bet the more lose to commissions. So too high progressions are no good there. With that being said how would one overcome the commission charged on 47 units bet?

A: To cover the commission on a 47 unit bet, you simply need to bet 51 units when you close the run.

Q:  For the sequence of L L W L W L L L W L W W L L L L L W L L L L L W L L L L L L W a 7 step Martingale would make +8 units. How many units Gamblers dream would make for this particular win loss sequence?

A: A 7 step Martingale will need a 1+2+4+8+16+32+64 = 127 units for a session bankroll. And what if you had 11 losses in a row?

Gambler's Dream will make 31 units on this sequence when the run is closed, requiring 30 units only.

Try the Martingale on this sequence: L L L L L L L L L L L L L L W W L L W L W W.

After 13 losses, you're betting 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048 ,4096 units, way exceeding the table limits of 1-200.

Gambler's Dream will generate exactly 19 units on this sequence requiring a bankroll not more than 27 units!!

Q:  Does this system comes with a bet selection or can it be played with any bet selection?

A: It can be played with any bet selection.

Q: How tedious is the paperwork (charting / marking) while playing this system? How long does it take to calculate the bet and the amount required to bet on any bet?

A: About 3 seconds.  With some experience you will be able to keep everything in your head.  After all, it's simple arithmetics.

Q:  You mentioned that the random simulation that comes with the system provides true odds of EZ Baccarat. But can you make one simulation for 72 hands for commissioned Baccarat reflecting true odds of traditional baccarat and show us the stats of how many units the system gained or lost?

A: I surely can. 

Results for Zumma Baccarat - taking Banker win commissions into account:

Gambler's Dream generates +8768 units playing P only on 500 shoes thus no commissions.

The full system generates +4593 units playing all bet selections and combined (the purchasers will know what combined means) with commissions taken into account on 500 shoes.

Q: What are the results for Zumma Craps?

A: Started testing the Gambler's Dream system on the Zumma Craps data I have.

The first 60 decisions of Pass and Don't Pass Line generated 57 units!!!

Within 3500 decisions, the system generated 646 units, all abandoned runs included.

Q: Hello Izak:

If I were to go to a Casino with $500 to $700 and play a $10 unit level Craps table and played for 4 hours straight, what kind of profit could I expect to win or lose with your system? Is more in my favor that I will win the first time out or could I lose everything and come back with nothing? How confident should I feel?

On average, what would you say my highest bet would be most of the time, although occasionally you would have to bet upwards of 47 units?

A: At $10 a unit size, $700 provides you 70 units. There are no shoes to account for in Craps, so you play as per your allowance of your maximum drawdown, which should not exceed 67 units analogous to betting P only in Baccarat.

Since the odds of losing 50 units is only 20% versus making 50 units 80%, you have very good chances that you will come out ahead on your first usage, unless you're very unlucky to encounter two losing sessions back to back.

On the long run, back to back losing sessions do not affect the overall performance of the system.

The highest bet could reach 60-70 units, but this is under very unusual circumstances.

Q: What if the +50/-50 parameters were dropped to say +30/-30 for each player, or would this not be giving the system enough room to "breathe?" Meaning is the 30/30 too tight to win same percentages as the 4-1 you have previously mentioned?

Greed is one of the two components that keep people from succeeding in the long run. Personally, I would be overjoyed if you came back and said, "Dream" can win 5-1 or 6-1 if you use the +20/-20, or +30/-30 parameters. Seems one could play shorter, more shoes in a day with less stress. Even if +30/-30 still produced a 4-1 ratio, I for one would prefer it over the thought of losing, say 50 in a shoe.

A: I ran some tests with different suggested parameters.

My observations were the following. If the shoe had a good tendency to go with the system specs, it reaches +60 very easily. If it doesn't one could interrupt it at -30.

A macro Excel simulation running the random shoe 10,000 times showed that there are in average 2 -30 shoes versus 4 +60 shoes. That makes 240 - 60 = 180 units for 6 shoes, still averaging a +30 unit per shoe on the long run, but does avoid a losing shoe to go more than 30 units, thus more manageable on your budget.

Q: So does a stop loss of 30 mean that you don't place the next bet if it puts you at a greater loss than 30? Does this mean that you could buy for 30 units per shoe? This is how I read it .??? Please explain.

A: That's right.  If the shoe stop loss is 30 units, one quits the shoe when the 30 units are exhausted or when one reached +60 units, which happens much more often.

Q: OK, so let's say you are at at net -10 on the shoe and the system calls for the next bet to be 47units. You are using a stop loss of 30 units and you are behind -10 already , do you make this bet 20 units (your remaining buy-in)? Or 47 units that it calls for? Or just stop at -10 & don't make the bet at all since it puts you over your -30 units stop loss?

A: If you are at -10 on the shoe, the system will never call for a 47 unit bet, but not more than 13 units for that particular case.

If you are at, say, -15 units and the system calls for an 19 unit bet, you place it. If you win, the run is probably over. If not, you are down -34 units. And that's when you leave the shoe.

This also means that if you have -30 set as a loss stop per shoe, you may never reach a max bet of 47 but tops 20 units.

Q: What are the killing sequences to the system in terms of W's and L's?

A: The nemesis of this system can be abundance of single wins, such as L L L L L W L L L L L W L L L L L L W L L L L,
but then the other side goes W W W W W L W W W W W L W W W W W WW L W W WW,etc. . With a stop loss on the nemesis, and the winning side taking over, you can't lose.

Q: This must be your best course, even better than IHG if you are winning as many units as bets placed?

A: Yes, Gambler's Dream is the best system ever of all systems of mine and out there. IHG was its ancestor and it's much enhanced.

Q: What is the most back to back losing runs in the tests?

A: I have seen 3 at most.

Q: Greetings: does the system call for betting on both sides (Player & Banker) simultaneously? Thanks.

A: Yes, it does, but you only bet the difference of the bets.

Thank you all for your valuable questions and input.  I feel the system has been even more enhanced thanks to your comments and suggestions, particularly the +60/-30 limits implemented, which tremendously increases profits overall and controls losses.

The Gambler's Dream is $950.  This is what you will generate at the first hour of your usage at $25 a bet for 40 units gain.  This is probably the best system you will ever have.  It's been designed for continuous winning and you will be stunned on how you will make exactly the number of units matching the amounts of bets you will place.  

For $20 extra you can have a printout of the system document shipped to your mailing address.

You have a full money back guarantee, if the system is not to your satisfaction, no questions asked, no strings attached, and you may return it within 30 days of your purchase.

Click here to order.  You will be very happy you did.  Your dreams will come true, too.

PayPal orders are welcome to my id: izak.matatya@videotron.ca

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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