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Frequently Asked Questions about
Your questions - Izak's answers


If I understand you correctly, the objective in "Dazzling Dozens" is to quit when you reach a winning level 20 times your betting unit or a losing level 10 times your betting unit. Is that correct, and does the same stop-win and stop-loss rule apply to "Sparkling Dozens"?
This rule of thumb can be applicable regardless of the system you use: to set a profit limit twice as much as your loss limit.
Assuming you quit playing at a particular table because a stopping point has been reached, can you go back to that same table after taking a break or do you suggest going to a different table or a different casino?
You can either go to a different table, or come back to the same one after having taken a break. Different dealers may cause different trends. It is best to observe 20 spins or so, to identify which strategy to apply.
You recommend following the table trends when deciding whether to play the "Sparkling" or the "Dazzling" strategy. Does this mean that you track the wheel for, say, 30 spins, then start playing whichever system has a better chance of success based on whether dozens repeat or alternate?
This is exactly what I meant. 30 spins are sufficient to give you a good indication.
Should a player using your systems be influenced by such factors as a change in dealers, or a change in the dimension of the ball?
Only if you observe a drastic change in the trends. Again, in such cases, it's best to observe 20-30 spins before applying a system.
If you are at a crowded table and cannot readily reach the "dozens" on the layout, can you apply these systems to the "columns" instead with equivalent results?
Definitely. All systems created for the dozens are applicable for the columns as well. Observing the trends is again necessary, as columns may tend to repeat while dozens alternate in some cases.

                                              Sparkling Dozens Roulette

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What is the total bankroll required to play your system, when setting a win goal of 1000 dollars, and a stop loss of 500 dollars, per session? Also, how long is a session?

For the goal to win at least $1000 with a loss not more than $500, a minimum bet amount of $50 should be considered. The bankroll required for the systems is 11 times the minimum value, that is $550. To arrive at the +$1000 goal, it would take about between 30-60 spins if everything goes well and smooth. In case there are fluctuations, it may take an extra hour for recoveries, if you are playing in a real casino. On the Internet it goes much faster, although the betting amounts are lower.

All your testing seems to have been done on a single zero Roulette wheel. Will the results be basically the same on a double zero wheel?

The zeros appear as 0 in the simulation table, whether they are single or double zero, as I ran simulations for both European and American roulette wheels. In this kind of system a losing bet is a changing dozen or a zero. If you reach your target by winning the run say within 4 sequences, it doesn't matter if the losing bet was a zero or a changing dozen, the result will be very similar. From a probability perspective, the American wheel will generate more zeros. However, it will also generate more repeating dozen sequences, because of the layout of the wheel. This I can tell from experience and observations. End effect, the results between a single zero and a double zero wheel will be very similar.

Your Chart #4 is only for the 1,000 decisions which you printed in the manual. What would the chart look like if you carried it out to 10,000 decisions?

I only printed the first 1,000 decisions for the sake of studying the system. Otherwise, my simulations go up to 15,000 showing a very similar trend. You will reach the casino's 5.26% edge only after millions of spins. One of the great advantages of this system is that it tremendously extends the winning period.

Which one of the 4 systems in Peak Profit Roulette should I use?

All the systems I documented so far are equally good. Which strategy you should use when depends on the behavior of that particular table at that particular time. One strategy can be good one day, another one the next day. It helps to have a good knowledge of multiple strategies, so you can choose the one best suited for the table’s behavior. This is my approach. I never bet right away. I first observe the scoreboards of different tables, then depending on the trends, I apply a suitable strategy. That's why the more strategies you are acquainted with, the better the chance that you are going to quit with a profit. When the trends of tables alternate, you alternate your strategies.

Is there any money back guarantee on the systems?

I have no doubt that if you follow the systems' instructions and apply the money management strategies as outlined, more often than not you will be going home with your winnings in your pocket. However, money back guarantee applies only to the integrity of the book. I can teach you how to play to win, I can not guarantee that you will win.

Are the systems hard to learn?

It will take some time to master the strategies. However, they are not hard to apply. Detailed, straightforward step by step instructions are provided. You will know exactly what to do in every situation.

Is it necessary to bring paper and a pencil to the table and take notes while playing?

In time you will memorize the betting schemes. However, at first, it is recommended to bring with you a small note book in which you have written some reminders on how to apply the systems. Use this note book also for recording your score and progress from bet to bet. I strongly suggest that you observe scoreboards and keep track of decisions so you can see how you would have done, had you applied the systems. It’s a good idea to always study the behavior of a table before playing for real.

Will the systems work both in on-line (Internet) casinos as well as in real casinos?

Absolutely. All strategies are designed to work equally well on both Internet and real casinos. The only variance is in the betting unit amounts, because Internet casinos may restrict you to smaller bets. Instructions are provided on how to apply the betting schemes using a proportional multiple for on-line play.

If the systems are so good, why do you need to sell them?

I don't need to sell them. I am quite happy with the profit I make using them myself. As a matter of fact, I did not wish to sell my methods in the first place. It was my friend Tony R. Frank who talked me into this. He wanted to make my strategies available on this web site.

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