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"One of the most profitable roulette system"

Splits Roulette System
by Izak Matatya

"generates 3units per spin with a low budget"

I'm proud to present you my new very profitable roulette system:  Splits Roulette System

It's designed for Roulette only as it bets on inside numbers in a very particular way.

A split bet is defined by placing a chip on two adjacent numbers either horizontally or vertically, such as on 1 and 4 (vertically) or on 26 and 27 (horizontally).

If a number wins in roulette it pays 36 for 1. Since the split covers 2 numbers a split bet would win 18 for 1.

The system will place bets on multiple splits with a very special bet selection generating numerous consecutive wins and profits on the long run.

Even the zeros are used as split bets, thus the system does not lose when a zero comes up.  On the contrary, each zero is actually a win.

You will see that the system generates at times 50 units per run, surely not a grind system and is very profitable. At $5 a unit size, this is already $250 to be made in a very short amount of time within about 10 spins.

Not every run is closed with a profit, because we set a loss limit of 150 units in order for bets not to escalate to higher levels. 

There are a total of 192 abandoned runs.  However, this is versus a total of 3,258 runs that are closed with a profit of at least 15 units each up to 50 units per positive run.

This yields a total profit of 46,678 units for 15,000 spins averaging 3.1 units per spin, an incredible performance for a game with 5.27% house edge and said unbeatable by some.

This performance chart negates that statement:

A constantly rising profit chart, where abandoned runs become very negligible. 

This is achieved with the following specs:

Session Bankroll:


Maximum Bet per Split:


Maximum Drawdown:


Maximum Session Drawdown:


Maximum Profit:


End Profit:


Number of Abandoned Runs:


requiring a lifetime bankroll of 472 units in case two back to back losing sessions occur, which is never the case for those 15,000 spins.

The system comes with a 12 page easy to read document, which will take you a very short time to understand because of the simplicity of the system.  The simplicity is the result of very hard work, experimenting and extensive testing. 

One fully detailed example will illustrate the entire system.

The package includes an Excel simulation of all 15,000 spins.

The system goes for $5000, which you will generate in 167 spins at $10 a bet.  Furthermore, if you purchase the system by the end of July 2024, you can have a huge discount of 95% and acquire the systems for $250 only, which you will find very worth it.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  You have a full money back guarantee, should you want to return the systems within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked.

Click here to purchase the Splits Roulette System.  It's one of the most profitable and solid roulette system you will ever own.

A download link will be sent to your email, so don't forget to specify it during your purchase.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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Use the Splits Roulette System at Windows Casino

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