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"Two up-as-you-win systems"

Scale-A and Scale-M Baccarat Systems
by Izak Matatya

"aggressive and mild versions"


Yes, you have two brand new systems for you, that you can try for the month of May, called Scale-A and Scale-M Baccarat systems. 

They have similar names but they are two totally different systems with the only similarity that they are both up-as-you-win and that they both use differential betting.

Differential betting is a good concept when you have to bet on both Banker and the Player sides simultaneously, and you bet the difference of the bets instead, on the side that requires the higher bet. 

If, for instance, one needs to bet 8 units on Player and 4 units on Banker, we end up placing 4 units on Player, which is the exact equivalent and also reduces the size of the bets.

The "A" of the Scale-A system stands for aggressive, as it generates 41,498 units for 1000 Zumma shoes with the following specs:

Maximum bet placed: 208
Maximum drawdown: -354
Maximum session drawdown: -996
Maximum profit: 41509
End profit: 41498

Aggressive but quite profitable.  1000 unit bankroll is required.

And it's totally infallible generating this perfect performance chart:

It has absolutely no abandoned runs and wins them all with up to 40 units per run.

The "M" of the Scale-M system stands for mild, as it's a much more conservative system, but still very profitable.

Scale-M generates 5,778 units with a maximum bet never exceeding 11 units only. 

Maximum bet placed: 11
Maximum drawdown: -56
Maximum profit: 5961
End profit: 5778

With a very decent performance chart:

always reaching a new maximum level, totally risk free. 

And if you use a 10 times larger bet size, you can make 57,780 units with a maximum bet of 110 units, which makes it closer to the aggressive mode. 

However, with a low budget one can achieve great results.

The name Scale derives from the fact that they are both up-as-you-win type of systems, thus the bet sizes increase (putting more weight on the "scale") as each size keeps on winning.

The systems specs for both systems are very different.

Scale-M is based on sequences of 4 figures of a small progression on each side.  It has no runs to end, simply keeps repeating those magic figures as it wins.  And losses are limited to betting 1 unit only.

Scale-A needs to complete runs with profits while betting based on different criteria for the Player and the  Banker sides.  Bets differ if the sides are losing or winning depending on the smart specs. 

The systems are easy to apply.  Both systems bet continuously.  There are no interruptions, nor triggers.

Each system is 18 pages of easy reading with lots of examples that fully explain the systems for regular and commission based Baccarat.

All Zumma 1000 shoes simulations are provided for each system.

Each system goes for $2000.  If you purchase them by the end of May 2024, you can have a huge discount of 90% on each one of them and having them only for $200, an offer not to be missed.

Moreover, if you purchase both systems, you can have an additional $100 off and have both system for $300 only.

You have a full money back guarantee on both systems if they are not to your liking within 30 days of your purchase.

If you purchase both systems and would like to keep only one of them, you will have a $150 refund. 

Or you have the choice of buying them separately for $200 if you know that you will be using either the aggressive or the mild system.

Click here to buy the Scale-A Baccarat and here to buy Scale-M and download links will be sent to your email.  Make sure to enter your email during your purchase.

And if you are buying both systems add them both to your shopping cart, you can apply the discount code:  BOTH at the checkout panel to receive an extra $100 discount.

This is the way the checkout will appear:

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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Use the Scale Baccarat systems at Windows Casino

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