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"Totally infallible roulette system using small bets"

MDRS - Multiple Dozen Roulette System

by Izak Matatya

"averages 1 unit per 15 spins very consistently"


Here's another infallible new roulette system for you.  MDRS - Multiple Dozen Roulette System.

Designed for roulette, as it bets on single Dozens only with the payout of 3 to 1.

Tested fully on double zero roulette wheel for all 15,000 Zumma spins generating 977 units averaging 1 unit per 15 spins very consistently. 

On a single zero wheel the profits are even higher.

It bets on all dozens with a mild progression.  The maximum bet placed does not exceed 9 units and with only that amount, the system has absolutely no abandoned runs.

This is achieved with a session bankroll limit of 100 units only, with the following specs:

Stop Loss: -100
Maximum session drawdown: -95
Overall drawdown: -22
Maximum bet: 9
Maximum profit: 993
End profit: 977

It's one of the simplest system you can use, yet totally infallible, in the sense that it always reaches a new maximum profit level shown in the following performance chart:

The small fluctuations show the session drawdowns, which never exceed 95 units.

Based on the largest fluctuation we can see that a lifetime bankroll of 100 units would be quite sufficient to use the system for continuous profits indefinitely. 

The system document is 8 pages of very easy reading including examples to clarify the system. 

The full 15,000 spin simulation is included in the package.

The stop loss is a parameter you can experiment with.  The 100 unit stop loss does not abandon any runs. 

If you are to set it to, say, 60 units, the system still generates lots of profits, with a limited amount of abandoned runs, using the following specs:

Stop Loss: -60
Maximum session drawdown: -60
Overall drawdown: -22
Maximum bet: 7
Maximum profit: 759
End profit: 743

With a lower bankroll, and the max bet of only 7 units, the end profit is reduced to 743 units.  With -95 unit stop loss, all runs are completed with a profit.

The performance chart remains very similar to the above. 

The system goes for $1,000.  It's very low for an infallible roulette system having a 5.27% house edge.

Early bird purchasers can have a huge discount of 90% and receive the system for $100 only if you buy the system by the end of March 2024.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Should the system be not to your liking, you can return it with a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Click here to purchase the system.  An automatic download link will open for you.

Please do not forget to specify your email during your purchase, so your download link can be sent to you.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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Use the MDRS system at Windows Casino

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