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=============================================   Thursday, February 22, 2001

VegasUSA and a Free Baccarat System

Hello everyone,

I have a very special promotion for you this week from VegasUSA on-line casino who is giving away $1000 every month to 4 Let’s Talk Winning customers who sign up as real users and wager for a couple of weeks. This is on top of the $30 free chips VegasUSA offers you when you open a real account.
But before I specify the details of this promotion and how you can be eligible to win, I would like you to tell you a story:

VegasUSA is the very first on-line casino I have ever played. I was very excited to be able to play on the internet at the comfort of my home. But before I went crazy wagering large sums, I wanted to test the casino's service level in terms of customer support and the timeliness of the delivery of payouts. The first time I played, I used Dazzling Dozens and won about $125. VegasUSA processes credit card purchases, winnings and losses at the end of the day and no matter how many transactions you have done, buying chips, cashing in, buying more chips, losing, winning, etc, within 24 hours all your debits and credits are calculated. If you have losses your credit card will be charged to that amount, and if you have winnings, your credit card will not even be touched: you will be notified that a check has been mailed to you in the transaction records section. I found that very good. Other casinos usually charge your credit card first, and credit you back if you won, but the credit can take up to 5 days before it shows up in your credit card account.

Nevertheless, I got notified that a $125 check has been mailed to me. I waited for a week or two and had no check in my mailbox from VegasUSA. I wrote them an email and tried to find out what happened. They said they had problems with the bank processing check mailouts and that they would be resolving those problems within a week. So I waited patiently for another week and still no check. Two weeks later, I wrote to them again. This time, they said they had sent the check.

Considering mail delivery time from Costa Rica, I waited for another two weeks and still no check. I inquired again and they discovered that they have sent the check to another address. I was getting really frustrated. My first on-line casino experience was devastating me. I said to myself they must be all rigged. Forget internet gambling and go for the real one. I waited another week and decided to write them a letter. In the letter I specified how much I liked to gamble on the internet and that I wanted to recommend their casino to all my friends. However, with this kind of delivery service I definitely refrained to do so and I told them that they don't realize how much business they were losing. I suggested to them that if a lot of casinos behaved this way, why wouldn’t they try to differentiate themselves by having the best delivery service in the world. That would give them plenty of business as this is extremely important to customers. This is one big difference that it would make for on-line wagerers to get their checks right away. It would make them feel as if they were at a real casino.

Guess what, a few days later, I saw in their web site the announcement of the FREE Federal Express delivery service that no other casino had. Every other casino will charge you a service fee of at least $30 for express delivery.

From then on VegasUSA became the only on-line casino that delivers your winnings by UPS the next business day at no charge. I became a loyal and happy customer of VegasUSA ever since.

And now to the details of this $1000 a month to be given away exclusively to customers: you need to follow the following link to VegasUSA to open up a real account: so click: This will let them know that you are referred by

Once you open a real account, you will get a free $30 chip. Then you wager at least this amount and keep playing for a couple of weeks. Then all you need to do is to send me your userid (the account name) with a simple email to Once VegasUSA validates those accounts as new real accounts coming from, a draw will determine the 4 winners to cash each a $250 bonus. The winners will be announced at the last newsletter of every month starting March 2001.

So, take advantage of this great promotion - $1000 a month each and every month from VegasUSA strickly for letstalkwinning customers for as long as it lasts.

Baccarat is a game that often has short streaks of Banker or Player wins. You may want to take advantage of a possible streak on either Player or Banker in a single shoe. Here is a free method on how you can do it:

At the beginning of a shoe, you don’t place any bets. You wait for a round. Whichever side wins, either Banker or Player, that is the side you bet one unit on for the next round. Should it win that round, you let your bet ride. You are now risking your initial one unit to win two units. Should you win your second bet, you bet only one unit on the next round. You will then alternate one- and two-unit bets until you have gathered 10 units in profits.

Once you have 10 units, your next bet will be three units. Should the next bet be a win, the following bet is one unit. Now you alternate one- and three-unit bets until you have won another 10 units. Should your side continue to win, you then alternate four-unit and two-unit bets until you have gathered 30 units.

Then you would go to six-unit/three-unit bets. If at any time during this procedure you lose, you sit out a round and then bet one unit on whatever side came up during the round you sat out. Chances are you won’t get to the four-two or even the three-one units of betting immediately, because these would require unlikely consecutive streaks of 15 and 12 respectively right off the top. However, you could slowly build up your wins until you had 10 or 20 or 30 units.

At the end of the shoe say at the 20-unit win mark, you would ask yourself whether you want to stay or whether you had a big enough win to satisfy you. If you wish to continue to play, you would bet four units and continue to play the progression until you either lost six more units (giving you a net win of 10 units) or made it to 30 units. Should you make it to 30 units and desire to continue, you would play the six-three betting spread until you lost 15 units or won another 15 units. If you lost, you’d call it a session and walk away a 15 unit winner. If you won another 15 units, you’d play the six-three betting spread until you either won or lost 20 units.

Keep in mind that when you bet multiple units, you will return to a single unit at the first loss. However, when you reach a desired win plateau (20, 30 or more) then you immediately pump the bet to that level. The 20 unit level equals the four-two bet spread. The 30 unit level equals the six-three bet spread. So you would automatically go from a two-one betting spread to a three-one betting spread at a 10-unit win; you would go from a two-one spread to a four-two spread as soon as you reached a 20-unit-win – even if you reached that win slowly on the two-one spread.

The only risk to this type of progessive betting, is that you could have a decent run going at a lower level of betting and lose every time you pumped it up. If you find that you are consistently losing that first bigger bet when you go from a two-one unit spread to a three-one or a four-two, then stay at a lower level.

If you lose on your first bet, wait for another round. Then bet on the side that came up and follow the above sequence.

This is a simple system, that can make you 10, 20 or 30 unit profits at various sessions. For a more serious system, you should consider Progressive Baccarat.  On your purchase of Progressive Baccarat, you get a free simulator where you can try both of those Baccarat systems. You can play Baccarat at VegasUSA as well and take advantage of the initial $30 bonus and the $1000 a month giveaway.

When you don’t play a round, VegasUSA allows you to place a zero chip. This will make the above free strategy work for you.

Best of luck to you with the VegasUSA draw and have a great week.

Until next week,


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