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"A totally infallible roulette system"

SDC - Single Dozens and Columns
Roulette System

by Izak Matatya

"with a drawdown of only -15 units, closes every run"

To close the month of May with the super 95% discount, here's another new system for you:  SDC - Single Dozens and Columns Roulette system, totally infallible on a double zero roulette wheel with a total drawdown of only 15 units.

The system is only for Roulette as it bets on Dozens and Columns and cannot be applied to other games, which do not have these kind of bets.

Dozens are sets of 12 numbers that divide the table into three sections covering numbers 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.

Columns are the left, middle and right portion of the layout. 

Single Dozens and Columns pay 3 for 1 for every bet.

One bets on single Dozens and Columns at the same time. 

Winning both bets practically wins 6 fold the chips you place on the table. 

If you place bets on double dozens or double columns you expect only one of the dozen or column to win and the payout is 3 to 2, thus 1 chip for your 2 chip bet.  Thus betting on single dozens and columns are much more beneficial, particularly with the system's very smart bet selection.

With this great bet selection on single dozens and single columns played simultaneously, SDC generates a total of +8,739 units on 15,000 roulette spins with the following parameters:

Maximum Bet Dozen: 157
Maximum Bet Column: 181
Overall Drawdown: -15
Maximum Session Drawdown: -358
Maximum Profit: 8741
End Profit: 8739

Maximum session drawdown of -358 units, which is the worse case scenario in 15,000 spins, is actually your lifetime bankroll, as you will never need more than that, particularly if the toughest run takes that much and it closes without abandoning it.

As a matter of fact, each other run is much lighter than that, requiring not more than 30-45 units regularly and there are absolutely no abandoned runs at all, which makes the SDC system totally infallible.

This means that you can play it indefinitely.  Profits will accumulate run after run.

Here's its performance chart:

An ideal graph of profits, what would be expected from an infallible system.

It's an easy to learn system.  You place bets on single dozens and single columns at the same time based on what we call a "magic mathematical formula".  Very simple to calculate.  You can do it in your head.  No pencil and paper is necessary.

The results will be stunning, like no other roulette system you have ever seen, probably the very best out there and in here.

Witnessing the performance of this system will make you see that roulette is indeed beatable, not defying mathematical laws, but actually using them against the house edge. 

The system goes for $7000 and you will see it's totally worth it.  As mentioned, you have a 95% discount off the system bundled with every other system in the site until the end the month of May 2023.  So you can have it for only $350!!

Those super specials are final sales and cannot be refunded. 

The system document is only 11 pages of easy reading document, covering all scenarios that can happen during your play, not excluding any case at all. 

The 15,000 spin roulette simulation is also provided to you, which will show every single bet and its result.  The system places bets on every single spin, except the very first one and that's it. 

So you will have a very good idea on how it will work for you.  And it will work extremely well.  At 95% discount, it's not to be missed.

At the checkout panel of the site https://shop.letstalkwinning.com/ you need to enter the discount code LTW95OFF to take advantage of this super special that will take place for another 12 days.

Click here to purchase the system.  An automatic download link will open for you.

Please do not forget to specify your email during your purchase, so your download link can be sent to you.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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