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Integrated Trade System


The Integrated Trade System is a brand new trading approach, that is derived from some old principles.

After 5 years of continuous trial and error, this system finally emerged from the ashes of lots of complex ways of trading.

Forget neural networks, forget a screen cluttered with lots of indicators,
forget the doubts arising when all these parameters contradict each other, leaving you drowned in doubts and uneasiness, unable to take a clear decision.

What is left now, is a very limited set of unambiguous rules that are easy to follow.

They can be applied to any market with the same efficiency and in the same way.

In that way trading becomes an enjoyable low stress activity.

Imagine sitting before your computer, looking at a graph during one minute and immediately knowing what to do or not to do.

A computer – although preferable – is even not absolutely necessary.
You could also visit some free websites that are offering interactive graphs.  There you could adapt some available indicators in order to get them in tune with this system and use them accordingly.  In that way you wouldn’t even have to keep a database of commodities and stocks and you could log in from everywhere in the world.

Combine this with online trading and you would be free to trade and use the system from wherever you are.
After going through the manual, you’ll feel relieved and ready to attack the market in a pleasant and relaxed way.


Money Management is a very important part of a successful trading system.

Although the INTS is highly accurate, it is a good policy to pay also enough attention to the correct use of your trading capital as explained.


There is more than one way to trade using this system.

You can trade stocks: it would be best to do this on a weekly scale.

Stock trading can be done in two ways:

-    straight buying and selling
-    trading on margin: this would double your profit

You can chose a higher risk level by using options.
The higher risk is compensated by a much higher profit potential.
If done correctly and by strictly following all the rules of INTS, the risk will also be largely mastered.

When trading options, you will ONLY buy calls and puts to open a position and sell calls and puts to close it.

By doing so, your total risk will always be limited to the premium you paid for your option.

Because the profit is much higher when trading options, you can chose a shorter time scale. Stocks are not the only underlying value for options.
You can also buy and sell options on indexes (S&P500, Dow Jones,…) and commodity futures (T-Bonds, soybeans, British pound,…).

When buying options on futures, you could even use a near ideal setup for generating huge profits with very low risk.

To do this you would buy options based on the weekly commodity graphs.


You can read this famous expression all over the internet and in all kinds of trading courses.

But what is meant exactly here?

How can you apply this?

All this is also fully explained in the course.

By obtaining INTS, you’ll become a real pro in and you’ll simplify your trading at the same time.

This package is also very universal in its applications: no limits to the markets or timeframes you want to trade. 

With this, creating a substantial income is an easy thing to accomplish.

Combining INTS with a sound money management is one of the best possible businesses in the world.

Yes, it is indeed a pure business approach, not gambling. By using INTS you'll always have a BIG edge. 

" I finally settled down on trading options on commodities exclusively. Most trades take from 1 week to 1 month and give HUGE gains without any stress of intraday trading, trying to grab 1 or 2 meager points. This approach allows me to NOT use any stop and so I'm never stopped out of a profitable trade, something that happens all to often with most traders. I found another way of protecting my capital.

Performance: some examples of how I'm using it myself: recently I bought puts on cotton and made 58 % profit in 4 days (from 24-01 to 28-01). Now I bought calls on gold and euro: the gold calls are already up 38% and going (not yet sold). In all cases my risk was very low, as I'm only buying cheap options."

INTS is tested for a very long term.

Potential gains: depends entirely on your approach to the market. What will you be trading? Which timeframes?  But an average 10% profit or more on your capital each month is very feasible.


A list of free and low cost charting sites is included with the course.

The integrated course is $1500.

As a special bonus, the first 20 customers will also get two new universal turning point lists for the years 2005 and 2006.

These lists are split in two versions: the first one gives these tp's for the daily time frame and the second one for the weekly time frame.  These new tp's are VERY powerful.

Extra bonus for the first 30 buyers: a spreadsheet I developed to calculate all the important parameters automatically for each trade.  This can be used with any charting software or online charts: the ideal companion to the new integrated system.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you.

The course in non-refundable.


1)  by buying INTS, you declare to use this knowledge ONLY and exclusively for yourself

2)  you also declare not to divulge this system in any way or by any means, be it through electronic or any other means

Frequently Asked Questions on
INTS - Integrated Trade System -

Q: I would like to learn to trade Forex, and I thought you would either have some experience, or you would know someone who does.

A: It makes no difference for INTS what you trade.
INTS will have the same excellent results for forex as for other markets.

Q: I'm a trader from Italy, and I'm researching a new trading system and I see your INTS in the Letstalkwinning's site.
I'd like to know if you have a track record available and if you trade using your own system.

A: You'll love INTS because of its simplicity, low stress (remember the relaxed roulette principle) and high yield.
Of course I'm actively trading my own system: it grew out of a necessity in the first place.
I also bought lots of expensive systems with beautiful bells and whistles, only to see them go down each time when I tried them for real.
I'm mainly trading options (on the Dutch market) and not longer ago then this morning, I made 25% profit in one hour (!) with a Philips call option, because everybody was scared by the bad news that came out on Philips today, but NOT INTS! INTS told me to buy CALLS! And right it was.
Please find included a track record example for the SP500.

Q: I saw your track record and I have one question, please don't get me wrong, I'm just curious... If your system has generated so much money (509000$ are much money) why do you mind to sell the system itself?

A: That's what using my system would have produced on the sp500.
I didn't actually trade it, because it is still well above my trading capital possibilities.
It is the result of literally following INTS during one year on the sp500.

As I told you the result of a very recent trade (this morning): it produced 25% in a little less then 1 hour!
The reason I'm selling the system is exactly to raise my available capital quicker, so that I can progressively take bigger positions.

The period (a few years) that I used to develop and finalize my system was a VERY expensive one, because you can only truly learn trading by doing it with real money.
So I learned through lots of ups and downs, to come out with a finished system: so you and other customers won't have to go through the same ordeal to master it.
You'll get a ready to use set of rules, built in concrete.

Please note: ONE modest trade will pay your investment in this course more than back.

Qs: Frequency of trades?  Winning Percentage?  Stop Loss Amount?
How do you use it now - what time frame and which stocks/commodities & why?

As: My own trading frequency is about 1/week on options of the Amsterdam Exchange (AEX).

Winning percentage is about 90%.

Even better: maximum accepted losses in option (which I mainly trade) is 50%.
That means that I easily make 50% 9 times out of 10 and lose 50% 1 time out of 10: you don't have to be a mathematical genius to understand the very positive results coming out of this.

Because I mainly trade options, my stop loss is simple: 50% of the option premium.
I'm trading options because this allows me to perfectly control losses AND not to be bothered by initial whipsawing.

My time frame is a few days.

Another time frame when using stocks is a few weeks. INTS doesn't care what your time frame is: it can be minutes or months, the principle stays exactly the same.
When I want to trade futures (on commodities), I do it in an entirely safe way by buying options on the futures.

Buying INTS will make your life as a trader very simple AND very profitable: NO stress, NO complicated decisions, NO doubts AND lots of easy profits.

This system was born out of my frustration with existing systems.

Q: Is it a 100% mechanical method (Step 1, Step 2, etc.)?

A: Yes, you only have to follow a few clear and simple steps.

Q: Does it rely mostly on chart reading? What if one's chart reading skills and
technical analysis powers are not that efficient? Many times it seems that
chart reading is a lot easier "after the fact."

A: INTS will transform you into a real chartist, even if you have never seen or understood a chart. 

What scares you is the kind of charts where you see lots of complicated indicators, cluttered all over the screen.   This is only to hide a total lack of understanding from the program designers.

With INTS, you'll see a very clear screen before your eyes, with only two or three things to look at. 

Q: If one were applying the method to one of the indices (SPX, OEX, DOW), how
many signals or trades per month would you probably get?

A: It depends entirely on your time scale.  Will you trade intraday, short swing trades or longer?   Let's suppose that you use daily bars.  This will produce around 4 trades per month.

Q: My interest in the program would be more directed toward the various indices and not individual equities. Approximately how much time each day does one need
to devote to the method?

A: There is no difference in trading indexes or equities or commodities with this method.  If you are only following a few indexes, it should take about 5 minutes each day to decide what to do.

Q: If trading the indices, what type of return would one be looking for on a monthly

A: If you would trade for example the SP500 full contract, you could expect around 40 points profit = US$10,000.  This can of course not be guaranteed, but is reasonable.

Q:  I have read all your write-up and FAQs on it, but there's one thing you simply overlooked to explain: is this a software? I assume it is a software that generates charts, among other things, because you said, "With INTS, you'll see a very clear screen before your eyes...". If it is a software, one must need a computer to use it, right?

Another question: if I buy INTS, how will I select the right stock or option to trade, among the thousands that are out there in Wall Street?

Thanks, will really appreciate some more info on INTS.

A: INTS is not a software package, it is a course that can be sent through e-mail.

When I speak of graphs, it is because you can use nearly every trading program or even graphs that are available on the internet.  INTS is not dependent on any specific software.  All this is fully explained in this course.

About selections: you can use lots of screening systems that are offered on the internet (the one of Microsoft is even free).

It is also not necessary to follow 1000 stocks: you can use a few that you follow closely (good movers with high volume) and trade only those.  Or you could follow a couple - or even only one - indexes (example: sp500).

If the sp500 is too expensive, you can choose the e-mini version.  The main thing to keep in mind with INTS is exactly not to create an over-input of information, which only creates overload and poor efficiency.

The goal of INTS is to make things simple and profitable at the same time.

Q: How many trades will I get if for example I was day-trading 5 minute bars on the sp500? or 15 minute bars? What will be the approximate accuracy?
I would love to start day-trading again as soon as I can build up my capital.

A: If you trade 5 minutes bars you'll get about 2 to 4 trades a day and with 15 minutes bars it will be 1 or 2.

The accuracy is extremely high (80-90%).

Q: Thank you for the extra consideration of executing those T-Bond option trades. I have never traded options, but would learned to if INTS works best with them and I bought the system. I have only traded futures and am now day-trading the Emini S&P 500 and Emini Nasdaq. Does it work on futures, and is it mainly a pattern recognition system or does it use indicators?

A: I bought put options on the T-Bonds and A COUPLE OF HOURS LATER I sold them for a profit of 89%!!!
Who can do better?
This illustrates the awful power of INTS.
You can also trade futures or anything else, INTS doesn't care.
But I prefer options, because the risk in totally in control and you cannot be whipsawed that easily.
Don't worry if you don't have any experience with options, because I'll guide you when you buy INTS.

Q: Hello Sir,
I am very interested in INTS. Can you answer me a few questions please?

I day-trade the S&P500 and also trade stocks on a short term basis (3-10 days) and was wondering if you could supply some stats on these markets for me. ie. profitability, accuracy, number of trades per month etc......

Whatever you could do would be wonderful as you sound like a guy that has been through the trading trenches and buying systems blues as I have. It's a pleasure to always talk to someone who has been in the same field and has had the same frustrations.

A: Your time frame is also mine: I prefer to trade in this same range, mainly because I trade options on the Amsterdam market most of the time.

Don't get scared by terribly complex 5 leg options constructions, because you'll never need them when using INTS.  Only those that have no clue about the next move of the market need these things.

INTS is that good, that simply doing open buys and closing sells only is more than enough to be an absolute winner (so your risk is also always predetermined with precision and you can soundly sleep at night and you aren't bothered by whipsawing).

My system is FAR superior to most other approaches because of its beautiful simplicity, clarity and profitability.

Besides the fact that selling my system will help me to get a bigger trading capital in a shorter time span - allowing me to take bigger positions - it's also a very positive feeling to get others out of the dark.

Included is a full year sp500 (a test I did in 1997). I'm not trading the sp500 myself, but there is no difference in what you trade, be it stocks, options, warrants, futures on commodities, forex,...

INTS is also indifferent to the time frame you prefer: it could be 1 minute bars up to 1 month bars.

You can use whatever software you have or even straight on the internet (where you can find all graphs you need).

Q: I have received information about your INTS system from Izak Matatya and wondered if you could send me some detailed information please. I understand that your system trades the option markets. I have extensive experience trading options since their inception London in the middle 80’s. Could you provide me with an indication of your trading style, selling or buying options along with a track record?

I assume that you are a trader developer, or perhaps just a developer?

A: INTS is not specially designed for options but I'm trading mainly options with it.  It can easily handle all kinds of markets and timeframes.  You can trade stocks or commodities or indexes or currencies or... 

I have reduced options trading to its basics: only open buy calls or puts and close sell calls or puts.  In that way you always know exactly your risk from the start and you really don't need all those complex "esoteric" constructions that are only used by those that don't have a clue what the market will be doing.

But with INTS you'll know it with high accuracy.  I developed this system for my own trading in the first place.

Q:  Do you use pure price charts only, or other charting studies e.g. volume, MACD, Moving averages, Stochastics etc.?

A: Bargraphs and some technical studies that are available with most of the programs, but used in a special and very specific combination (so you don't suffer of the famous lagging properties of these indicators).

Q: Does your system not only tell you when to take a trade, does it tell you when to exit, or when to stay out of a market?

A: Yes, it tells you very clearly when to get in, when to get out and when not to trade.

Q: Can INTS be done on ranging markets or only on trending markets?

A: Nearly all market conditions can be traded.

Q: I day-trade eMini S&P 500. Is INTS adequate for it?

A: INTS is ideal for trading the eMini S&P500, because it makes things very easy and profitable while exposing you to extremely low risk.

Example: when trading em sp 5 minute bars (what I prefer for the em sp), I recommend a stop loss of only 1 or maximum 2 points! That means that your risk/trade is only $50 to $100.

You could easily earn between 5 and 10 points a day/contract through INTS.

Q: I live in England and am interested in your trading system. Here's a few questions that you might like to answer for me. 
Does the system give exact entry, exit and stop loss points?
What indicators does it use if any?
What is the risk/reward ratio of the trades?
What timeframe is best suited to the system taking into account slippage and bad fills and commissions. 
Many thanks

A: INTS tells you where and why to enter and to exit.
It tells this in a specific range, so not an exact figure (but I can instruct you how to get an exact value if you want to when buying INTS).
Personally I'm mainly trading options as this frees me from possible initial whipsawing.
The only indicator used is my EPE-oscillator and this can be easily installed in most trading programs as it is a simple adaptation of a basic existing indicator.
Risk/reward depends can fluctuate but is always under control.
This system can handle any timeframe and any market: if you would trade the s&p500 (full or minis), you could trade intraday with an extremely low risk and a very regular profit of about 10 points most days.

Q: What year are the examples in the SP500 from? It seems to be the1997 Futures contract, no?

A: Right.

Q: I don't see any losers. Is this possible?

A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: What kind of drawdowns are incurred during the trade?

A: None when you trade options as I do. 

Q: How big are the losers and do you use stops?

A: As I trade mainly options, I have fixed the loss at 50% of that option.

Q: With all due respect, if your method works as well as you indicate it does it's worth the price of $1000. I will however pay that much if the system works. I've lost a lot of money on junk however, and don't have much left. I really want to get into trading and what you seem to have sounds good but I need to be comforted and assured with some proof or evidence that it does works as stated. Can you give me some signals that I can observe, some references and/or documentation of performance?

A:  I have been there, too.  The easiest and most honest way to prove my system is to show some trades.  The following is the proof of its excellent performance:

01	02	GO	BUY	760	2	772	6000
	07	GO	BUY	770	1	777	3500
	13	NO
	20	NO
	28	GO	BUY	790	3	812  11000
	31	GO	SELL	815	2	817	1000
02	02	GO	BUY	813	1	815	1000
	04	GO	SELL	815	1	810	2500
	10	GO	BUY	812	1	815	1500
	13	NO
	17	GO	SELL	840	3	830	5000
	24	GO	BUY	827	2	835	4000

03	03	GO	BUY	815	6	835  10000
	05	NO
	10	GO	SELL	837	4	817  10000
	11	NO
	12	NO
	14	GO	SELL	819	4	805	7000
	20	GO	BUY	805	2	815	5000
	23	GO	BUY	805	2	815	5000
	27	GO	SELL	818	2	780  19000
	31	NO

04	01	GO	SELL	780	3	767	6500
	05	GO	BUY	767	3	785	9000
	12	GO	BUY	756	6	783  13500
	15	NO
	20	GO	BUY	775	4	798  11500
	25	GO	BUY	786	7	845  29500
	30	NO

05	03	NO
	06	GO	SELL	845	2	840	2500
	08	GO	BUY	832	6	850	9000
	10	NO
	13	NO
	17	GO	BUY	850	4	857	3500
	20	NO
	22	GO	BUY	853	2	863	5000
	24	NO
	30	GO	BUY	852	3	862	5000

06	04	GO	BUY	860	10	908  24000
	05	NO
	06	NO
	10	NO
	12	NO
	13	NO
	16	NO
	18	GO	BUY	908	2	912	2000
	20	GO	SELL	912	2	903	4500
	25	GO	SELL	910	2	905	2500
	26	GO	BUY	905	1	907	1000
	27	GO	SELL	907	2	902	2500

07	02	NO
	03	GO	SELL	938	2	937	 500
	10	GO	BUY	920	6	948  14000
	18	GO	BUY	930	4	950  10000
	24	GO	BUY	942	3	953	5500
	29	GO	BUY	950	4	965	7500
	31	GO	SELL	970	2	960	5000

08	03	GO	BUY	952	5	973  10500
	07	GO	SELL	975	3	952  11500
	14	NO
	16	GO	BUY	912	4	947  17500
	20	GO	SELL	950	2	925  12500
	22	GO	BUY	930	2	933	1500
	29	GO	BUY	912	3	940  14000

09	03	GO	SELL	940	1	945	2500
	05	GO	SELL	949	2	945	2000
	11	GO	BUY	915	5	960  22500
	13	NO
	17	NO
	18	NO
	21	GO	SELL	967	3	963	2000
	23	NO
	25	GO	BUY	950	3	957	3500
	30	NO

10	01	GO	BUY	957	6	985  14000
	03	NO
	08	NO
	11	GO	BUY	970	1	977	3500
	13	NO
	14	GO	SELL	980	2	977	1500
	20	GO	BUY	950	3	975  12500
	21	GO	SELL	975	3	960	7500
	27	NO
	28	GO	BUY	850	2	925  37500
	29	GO	SELL	925	3	910	7500

11	04	GO	SELL	943	1	942	 500
	06	GO	SELL	945	2	925  10000
	07	GO	BUY	925	2	928	1500
	11	NO
	17	GO	SELL	950	2	945	2500
	24	GO	SELL	965	2	955	5000
	29	GO	BUY	955	2	975  10000

12	02	GO	SELL	978	2	975	1500
	03	GO	BUY	970	3	974	2000
	08	GO	SELL	985	5	960  12500
	15	GO	BUY	955	3	970	7500

I have a special offer to customers that buy before the end of August 2002:

I discovered recently a very strange aspect of all markets: each year there are specific and fixed dates where all markets turn. I know why this is so and I will give you the dates upon the purchase of the course. Yes, THOSE ARE THE EXACT DATES THAT MOST MARKETS WILL TURN FOR A FULL YEAR!

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you.

More Frequently Asked Questions on
INTS - Integrated Trade System -

Q: Basically I know you want to buy a stock at a low cost and resale at a higher price then get rid of it. Or if your pretty sure you can get into a small company and buy stock in it and keep it so it can continually grow for you. I know there are certain stocks that fluctuate so you can always buy and sell for profit if your timing is right. I've never taken the time to do any research because I've never really had the money to invest. That should
change within the next month or so. I'm going to college this august and will have extra money left over from grants and student loans. If I could just do well enough to pay for the interest on my loans with mutual funds, cds, or anything it would be a big help. I understand there is always a risk. I also understand anyone who has ever accomplished anything they truly desired never accomplished their goal without taking risks.

Even though I'm getting started late in life (being 32 and just now going to college) I know it's possible with the right person helping me make I can make sound financial choices for my future. I'll follow exactly what you tell me to the letter. If it doesn't work out then I'll just have to
try something else. I chose to come to you because my mother was English. I know that an
Englishman is more true to their word. So if you can help I would most appreciate it.

Thank You.  I look forward to both of us making some money.

A:  Hello,
If you order INTS you'll see how easy trading can be but you will of course have to study the material (don't worry, it's not rocket science).  After that I'm always available to help you if something isn't clear.

Today the markets are too wild to think long term, so I would advise you to swing trade (that means getting in and out in less than a week).

Q: I day-trade the E-mini SP and average about 75% winning trades, you've stated in your information you win on about 90% of your trades. I have a few questions about your system in reference to day-trading the mini SP market.

Have you ever day-traded with your system in the SP market and if so what was your win rate?

If you haven't day-traded it, how do you know it will work, most of your material seems to be from a few years ago, the market has changed greatly in the last few years with much higher volatility. In addition, anything I've developed for day-trading inevitably has reduced profits versus what I saw when I back-tested due to slippage.

Do you use a fixed target and stop or do you get out of a trade based on indicators?

If you have any information which would be more convincing I'd love to see it.

A:  I have paper-traded the SP on an intraday scale as an extra test for my system and it behaves exactly as for longer term trades (days to weeks to months).

The markets have only changed on the surface, not essentially. I can see this when using INTS.

This is the strength of INTS: it is so basic that it keeps its performance today as it did in 1900.  The reason that the markets are still the same and will always stay that way (basically) is simple: the basic influence behind each move of the markets is purely psychological (mass psychology) and this makes the reactions very calculable. Mass psychology doesn't leave much room for improvising.

Be assured that INTS as it is offered now is not something from some years ago: it has continually developed since then. When you use it on the intraday scale, it is really enjoyable to see how things develop before your eyes just as expected by INTS.

For intraday sp trading I use a stop of 1 or maximum 2 points on the 5 minute scale! This shows you the extremely low risk when trading the mini.

Q:  Hello,
I have been reading about the INTS Trading System on the Lets Talk Winning web site and I have a few questions for you.
First off how many pages are there in INTS?

A: 25.

Q:  How many different Stocks/Options, etc. are you following?

A: Maximum 10 stocks and indexes included.  Most of the time only 1 index.

Q: How many Stock/Options, etc. can one realistically track on a daily basis?

A: It is a good thing to limit yourself to very few.  1 index is enough.

Q:  What amount of Stocks/Option, etc. do you recommend to follow?

A: 1 index.

Q:  Where do you get your data from? Is there a cost involved in obtaining the data?

A:  I have included a lot of internet addresses in the course.  Most of them are totally free.  I even found one where the SP500 real time is free!

Q:  In the INTS system do you give some advice as to what Stock/Option/Index, etc. you can trade (with some degree of safeness). I'm not asking for a specific stock, but possibly
some guidelines, based on your experience.

A: You can trade anything with INTS.  Futures/Stocks/Indexes/... you name it.  As long as you can get a bar graph, you can trade it with my system.  However, I suggest to limit yourself to an index that is very liquid (SP500, Bonds, ...)

Q: Hello, I am most interested in INTS. I want to day trade the Emini S&P.  Does your system work well for day trading and for that futures contract? If so, my initial questions are:
How many trades does your system average per day?

A: 4 to 5

Q: What percentage of your trades are winners?

A: 90%

Q:  How big are your stop losses?

A: Depending on the timeframe.  When you use 5 minutes frame, stop loss is only 2 points.

Q: My goal is to consistently make 8-10 points per contract per day.  Is this feasible as a day trader with your system?

A: Easily.

Q: What contract do you trade? Is this suitable for the E-mini S&P?

A: I'm trading mostly options on stocks or futures.  The E-Mini SP is ideal.  I'll give you a web site where you can get a real time graph of the SP for free!  Here it is:


Q: Since there are 4-5 trades each day, does that mean you spend the entire day watching the screen or is there a better way to predict when a suitable trading opportunity may occur?

A: I don't do it often.  Most of the time, I trade with a time horizon of 2 to 5 days.  If you trade SP intraday, you have indeed to follow up as long as your trades are going on.  But you can combine that easily with another activity at the same time, such as working at your desk. 

Q:  Since you have indicated that 8 -10 points can be made easily each day, how many points do you go after on each trade? I am getting the impression it is a significant number since there are 4-5 trades per day and 8-10 points is easily made.

A: 2 points per trade can be expected reasonably on the 5 minutes frame.

Q:  Am I correct you only watch price bars or candles?

A: I'm watching price bards (OHLC) in combination with some specific indicators.

Q:  How often do you trade and how many points per day do you try to get?

A: I'm mainly trading 2 to 5 days on one trade.  This way, I'm not glued to my screen and by using options I easily can make between 20 and 100% on these trades.

Q: This has got me very excited.  If I can make 8 -10 points a few times per week and trade 4 E-mini contracts, that is an excellent week's pay working 3 days per week.

A: You are right about that.  There are people who want to make more and more money.  They forget however to enjoy it and so they become worse slaves than those who have a 9 to 5 job.  I like your attitude of being happy with a nice income and still have time to enjoy life.

Q:  I reread the initial letter Izak sent out about your system.  Perhaps I would be better off trading options like you do. If my goal is to earn $6,000 to $7,000 per week, how much money should I be prepared to invest in options each week and how much money would I have to have in play at once?

A: US$ 20000

Q: Also, typically how much time do you spend each day searching for your buying opportunities?

A: Maximum 30 minutes.

Q: Since you hold positions overnight, don't you worry about news which could kill an investment without giving your stop time to save you?

A: No. That's the reason I trade options (only open buy and closing sell of puts and calls, so NO writing of options).  My maximum risk is determined from the very start.

Q: If I understand the original letter Izak sent out about your program correctly, you trade stock and index options.  Do you have to watch many stocks and indexes to find sufficient investment opportunities each week?

A: A maximum of 20.

Q: When you purchase either a put or a call, do you know immediately where to place your stop and when to get out of a good trade?  If not, don't you have to pay close attention to the investment just as you do if you are day trading?

A: I'm following a very simple stop rule: 50%.  When to get out is exactly determined by INTS.

Q:  Once again, many thanks for all of your assistance.  I would not waster your time or mine if I was not extremely interested in your program.  The results on the web page are extremely impressive.  However, I am not certain I am reading them correctly.  For example,  February 2, it says you purchased an option (I assume a call) at 813 and sold it 1 day later at 815 and made $1000 profit.  And did you pay $815 per option?

A: That was a straight future. Not an option.

I am most impressed with your quick response and how well your program performs.

Thank you for all of your assistance.

Q: I hope this email finds you well. Let me begin by stating that I already have one half of your complete trading system.  I recently purchased Jack Brusie's Option All Money Management Software and it is brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness in not only
preserving ones trading capital, but also shooting for triple digit returns per annum.

This is where INTS and you come into the picture. Let me state that I have several criteria that INTS "must meet" as I prefer to to trade short term swings using stock options, just as you do.

I do not wish to be stuck in front of a computer screen all day, which eliminates day trading. It's too stressful for me.  I want to be able to trade one stock option at a time. I want to be able to log into my brokerage account and check closing prices once daily.

I want to be able to use a free service like www.bigcharts.com  in conjunction with INTS to mechanically select the qualifying stock and use the OA software to manage my trading account. With the 80%-90% strike rate INTS achieves, I will see a steady increase in my equity curve.

I will be trading US stocks only, and I will be trading outside of the USA.
I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thank you for your time.

A: You have exactly the same attitude towards trading as I'm having myself.  Intraday is too much of a burden and long term is too boring (and also not very profitable these days!).
I'm also using Option-All for money management and my own INTS for the trading decisions: this is the ideal "marriage".

Bigcharts is also my favorite charting program: you can easily set all required INTS-parameters and you don't need a database on your own PC.

When you buy INTS I'll also give you an internet address with online stock scanning software that you can easily program to meet the main criteria for INTS.  It is not free but less than $9/month and it does an excellent job.

To resume: INTS + Option-All + Online scan = as good as things can ever be.

Q: Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions regarding INTS. I, much like yourself, have purchased many systems, strategies, books, software programs, trade simulators, latest
indicators all in search of the HOLY GRAIL!!!

However, in my quest for the Holy Grail of trading systems I also realized that Proper Trade Management combined with even an average number of winning trades would result in a steady increase in the overall equity in my account.

This is where the marriage of Option All Trade Management Software and INTS come together to finally complete my journey.

I could immediately see the advantages of using the Option All software to increase my bottom line while fiercely protecting my trading capital. The benefits were staring me in the face.  I feel the same way about INTS, however natural skepticism as well as being burnt in the past keep one cautious even at the best of times.

It is this point that I wish to discuss my situation a little further so that you can better appreciate what I am looking for from INTS.  So here goes:

I reside downunder and currently work full time, however my passion has always been to generate a comfortable lifestyle trading the US options market, while having the freedom to live life ON MY TERMS!!!

I have opened up an options trading account with a reputable discount broker and am currently setting trading capital aside. I believe Options trading for short term profits strictly buying calls and puts is the only way to trade, for all the reasons you describe in your web page.

1. Power of Leverage.
2. Maximum loss limited to premium.
3. Daily trading opportunities.
4. Can be applied to any market, over any timeframe.
5. Initial whipsawing not an issue.

I am looking to start options trading with a US$2,000 trading account(A$4,000 roughly) using INTS and OA, to generate a minimum profit of 200%+ return annually. I know that if INTS helps me select options that win 80% of the time, then this will be a conservative goal. I will actually be looking for 400%-600%+ gains annually, but 200% will be the absolute

Lets look at the results over time.

Year 1. Initial trading capital US$2,000 grows to US$6,000
Year 2. US$6,000 grows to US$18,000
Year 3. US$18,000 grows to US$54,000
Year 4, US $54,000 grows to US$162,000

At this point, I can withdraw US$62,000 as my annual salary and begin again with US$100,000 and continue the cycle. I believe this to be a realistically achievable goal and would appreciate your feedback in helping turn this dream into reality.

Thanks again for your patience.

A: Your expectations are reasonable and surely possible with the combination INTS/Option-All.

Your starting capital is however very small.

If you have $2000  to start with, you can't risk more than 10% on one trade and that's only  $200.

You can find options for $200 but it won't be the most interesting ones and the commissions you pay will eat too much of your profits.

If you buy an option for $200 and you make a profit of 40% that's only $80 minus commissions equals $60.

Normally you'll need at least $10.000  to make it worthwhile.

Undercapitalization is one of the main reasons for going broke in trading (besides not having an excellent system of course).

You could divide your capital in four equal parts of $500 and trade these, but it is not an ideal approach.

Q: I still have some more questions for you re-INTS now that you have a better idea of my situation and what I hope INTS will do for my TRADING DECISIONS, so lets get started...

I will be looking to trade globally, so I will have a laptop with internet access, www.bigcharts.com, the OA software and your manual as well as  access to the SCANNING sites. Will this be enough to enable me to qualify several stock options (picking the best one) to trade for a short term profit/loss easily targeting 8 out of 10 winning trades all in around 15 minutes daily using nothing more that the closing days prices, checking in once daily?

A: Yes.

Q: This is essentially what I am looking to achieve with INTS, and I would like to offer you the highest praises if you can deliver what I ask!!!

Some of the sites and products I have purchased recently to use in conjunction with OA all seem to use lagging indicators which get one in when most of the move has already taken place or provide many false entries into the market or are just downright useless as well as relying too much on one's skills in reading a bar-chart (and you know as well as I that 10 people looking at the same chart will interpret it 10 different ways.) You can
see how frustrating it can be for those of us out there trying to succeed in the

A: That's exactly where INTS shines compared to other systems.  No lagging at all and very few false entries and no interpretation on your side.

Q: I would ask you to please be keep in mind that I have no interest whatsoever in being glued to a computer screen all day. I want to log on after work, check the closing prices, change in option premiums etc, adjust stops if necessary and perform new scans if a trade has hit a profit or loss target.  That's it. A totally relaxed way to trade which enables me to sleep well at night while churning out obscene profits from the market on a consistent

A: That's how I am doing it.

Q: Once again I need to be sure that this will be The One. I have lost so much $$$ in the past, but rest assured that I will never give up until my goal has been achieved.

Getting back to the US$2,000 account, using your 50% loss of premium rule and trading only 1 contract at a time, even hitting an 80% strike rate will result in the following. 8 X 50% = 400% less 2 X 50% = 300% return. Is this

What would be required of me to achieve profit returns of 200% per annum on my account?

A: Your reasoning is correct if you trade each time for the same amount of money.  However, using Option-All will transform the few losers in winners, too.

200% a year is very reasonable and you will attain it easily.  It could be 10 win of 20% as an example.  so, if you only make 20% per month you will reach your target easily.

Q: Having INTS be purely mechanical is of utmost importance as it eliminates the emotional factor coming into one's trading decisions. Also having it be simple to understand and implement is paramount. Would you care to elaborate on this in more detail?

A: INTS is self-explanatory.  If you have exercised it a few times on some graphs you will see how easy and eye opening this method is.  So, hands on!.

Q: What makes INTS work so well in so many different markets, and under such a wide variety of conditions? I feel that it is important to know why it is able to correctly identify winning trades some 90% of the time? This just seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE and you know what they say???

A: I know what the losers are saying.  People are strange animals: they like complexity and are only comfortable when they are drowned in impressive looking mathematics.  What they don't understand is that those people who are developing all these IQ250 systems... are not trading.  They are only hiding their ignorance behind complexity.

And why does INTS work in any market?  Simple: because it is not based on markets but on... people!  The real secret is in being able to measure the reactions of the masses (that are trading).

Q: This must have something to do with your EPE Oscillator indicator which is a modified version of an existing indicator. How did you come up with this one, and what convinced you finally that it would continue to pick 8/9 out of 10 winning trades on a consistent basis?

A: See reason above: because it is the best way of measuring the reactions of the masses that are trading and human behavior won't change.

Q: How can I prime my OA software to achieve the very best results options trading using INTS as opposed to your 50% premium rule?

A: 50%  is not a rule: it is the maximum that you would allow to lose when using OA.  See OA for details.

Q: Could you also email me some recent trading results (say 1 week
trades using end of day data much like I will be trading) to illustrate the awesome power of INTS?

"I've gotten a little carried away but I am excited about being so close to having my dream realized. Once again I will thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

It is the 90% correct trading decisions in INTS's overall performance that has me intrigued.  Even with a US$2,000 account, and buying a $300 - $500 option, and losing half the premium still leaves me with the opportunity to fight back and increase my trading account trading 1 lots only, until I have a decent capital base. When the account reaches US$10,000 in size, than I can implement OA full speed ahead.

Establishing a trading methodology that I can feel comfortable around is worth its weight in gold."

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you.



08-Jan	S	1160	
24-Jan	B	1133	27
15-Feb	S	1110	
21-Feb	B	1101	9
25-Feb	B	1094	
12-Mar	S	1158	64
12-Mar	S	1158	
28-Mar	B	1150	8
18-Apr	S	1120	
30-Apr	B	1080	40
20-May	S	1096	
05-Jun	B	1047	49
19-Jun	S	1030	
25-Jun	B	1003	27
01-Aug	S	888	
06-Aug	B	865	23
06-Aug	B	865	
13-Aug	S	891	26
13-Aug	S	891	
14-Aug	B	915	-24
23-Aug	S	945	
06-Sep	B	894	51
06-Sep	B	894	
12-Sep	S	908	14
12-Sep	S	908	
25-Sep	B	835	73



TOTAL PROFIT            411	



IN USD:	$19,350 ON E-MINI


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Thank you.

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